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Color Changing Glass Bowl Pipes

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Very solid, cool glass pipe that changes color over time. The bowl head can be heavily packed and the marble grips make these pipes very easy to hold and handle.
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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

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    • Glass Spoon Pipe
    • choice of options

    Spoon Pipe Details

    • Hand blown glass pipe
    • Several Glass Marble Grips - located around the bowl head and neck of the pipe, they make for a comfortable and easy hold.
    • Carb hole - Yes, located on the side of the bowl head
    • Length - 5 inches long
    • Bowl Head Capacity - Medium to large herb packings
    • User Manual

      Cleaning a Color Changing Glass Pipe

      Fortunately, color changing or not, pipes made of glass can all be cleaned the same. Obviously if there are any artistic add-ons not made of glass, you will have to assess the specific situation, but other than that, the method is pretty straight forward. The smoking pipe, bowl, chillum, or this marble piece, will all need to be soaked in a solution - some sort of 420 pipe cleaner, rubbing alcohol, and technically warm water with soap. Especially when using the water solution, adding salt really helps the process because it acts as a scrubber along the interior walls. Soak the smoking accessory what it may be, and make sure the inside is completely submersed. Let soak for 10 minutes but to help speed up the process there are some measures that can be taken. Shake the soaking pipe so that the cleaning solution runs in and out of it, helping to remove resin and particles. Use a toothpick, dab tool or another similar object to scrape the interiors and pull out balls of resin build up. Continue to soak, scrape and shake. After awhile the bowl or pipe should be just about completely clean and at that point you will want to run some hot water down and through it for a minute to push out any remaining resin and to wash away any cleaning solutions. If needed, or just wanted to achieve a 100% clean feel, soak the piece again and repeat the steps.