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Dab Tools with Non Stick cover

These dabbers provide everything you need from a dab tool and they come equipped with silicone covers to easily slip over the end. No more need to worry about a sticky mess when you are finished dabbing.

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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

    • 3 dab tools equipped with no stick covers

    Measurements and Specifications

    • Length  2.25 inches
    • Dabber Material  Stainless Steel
    • Non Stick Cover  Food grade silicone

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    • Tips & Guides

      What is a Dab Tool A dab tool is also known as a dabber or some other variation of the term. These tools come in different sizes and varying shapes. The different shapes and designs are mostly for visual purpose but some may be better or worse for one reason or another. However, they all are typically used to do the same thing. We say typically because a dabber is sometimes also used to clear glass pipes of herb or some other random task. But the main purpose of the tool is to handle wax, especially when loading a vaporizer or applying some wax to the scolding hot surface of a domeless nail. These tools are very handy and will make life much easier.