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Flowermate V5.0 Pro dry herb vaporizer

Availability: In stock

Flowermate V5.0 Pro dry herb vaporizer
The new Flowermate Pro boasts significant improvements including a newly designed heating chamber that allows the vape to heat as high as 446° F in as little as 30 seconds.
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Flowermate Vape Kit includes

  • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority and International Shipping Options Available
  • 1 Flowermate V5.0 Pro vaporizer for dry herbs
  • 1 Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 Liquid/Wax chamber (made with organic cotton)
  • 1 External Stainless Steel loading chamber
  • 3 stainless steel screens
  • 1 packing tool
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 charger
  • 1 instruction manual

Vaporizer Details

  • for use with dry herbs
  • Completely customizable temperature controls from 104°F to 446°F
  • Reaches 446° F (max temperature) in 30 seconds
  • LCD display to show current and deisred temperatures and current battery life
  • New and Improved version of the popular V5.0 vape model
  • For use with vaporizing dry herbs
  • No Combustion - True Vaporization
  • Reaches 446° F in only 30 seconds!
  • Complete temperature control - adjust the temperature in increments of 1° from 104°F to 446°F 
  • LCD screen displays the current temperature, the desired temperature and the battery life
User Manual

How to use the Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer

1. Especially if you are planning to travel with your vape, make sure that it is charged.
2. With your finger, push aside the slide on the top of the vaporizer to reveal the heating chamber. Before you pack the chamber, do the same thing with the slide on the bottom of the vape to retrieve the mouthpiece.
3. Grind up your herbs with a grinder. If you do not have one, use your fingers and don't be lazy. The herbs don't have to be ground with a grinder but you'll want them to be broken up well enough to get an even vaporization with good airflow.
4. Pack the herbs into the chamber. Pack them in well but do not jam them in.
5. Make sure the screen on your mouthpiece is clean and clear for good airflow. Then screw the mouthpiece into the top of the heating chamber.
6. Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the Flowermate on. The screen will read, 'system on'.
7. The LCD will then display the Actual Temperature of the heating chamber and the Set Temperature which is the temperature that the user sets. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the temperature up and down.
8. As you increase the temperature, the heating chamber will heat up and the herbs will begin to vaporize . For a lighter vapor, keep the vape at lower temperatures. Remember, if you start at a low temperature, you can always increase it to get a thicker vapor.
9. As the temperature rises and vapor forms within the chamber, you can begin to take your puffs from the mouthpiece. You can wait until the desired set temperature is reached or you can start trying to take a pull right away.
10. When you are finished vaping, make sure to shut the unit down by pressing the power button 5 times quickly in a row. The LCD screen will say 'system off'.
11. Remove the mouthpiece and return it to the compartment on the bottom of the vape.
12. You can wait until the vape cools down, but not long after you finish vaping you should empty the heating chamber. You don't have to, but it is good to do so and it will keep your chamber in better standing for longer. If there is still another hit or two in the chamber, just close the slide and you are good to go.

How to Charge the Flowermate Pro Vaporizer

1. The kit comes with a charger. Plug the charger into a properly working outlet.
2. Plug the other end of the charger into the top of the vaporizer. The hole for the charger is marked by the word 'charge'.
3. If the Flowermate is charging properly, the battery symbol will appear in the top right of the LCD screen and it will fluctuate up and down to signal that it is charging.
4. Once the unit is fully charged, the battery meter will stop fluctuating and will indicate a Full charge.
5. The battery will take about 3-4 hours to charge. DO NOT leave your Flowermate charging overnight.
6. Store the device in a cool and dry environment for optimal performance.

How to Clean the Flowermate Vaporizer

1. With a damp cloth you can gently wipe the outside of the vape. DO NOT submerge it in liquid or expose it to any sort of wet condition.
2. To clean the mouthpiece and screen you can soak them in either boiling water or rubbing alcohol. You can use a cotton swab and alcohol but soaking it is much easier. Put them in a bottle with rubbing alcohol to soak and shake them around and they'll get clean.
3. The heating chamber does not need to be cleaned and should just be maintained. Make sure to clear it out when you are done using it. If you really want to clean it, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol; BUT, make sure to wring it out, you don't want even a single drop to drip when you press the swab against the interior walls of the heating chamber.


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