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Glass Blunt Pipe

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The Glass Blunt is a new, innovative smoking device that can replace rolling papers or blunt wraps. Simply pack the glass pipe with up to 1.5 grams of herbs to start puffing today.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Review

    Top quality materials have been combined to create one of the most innovative products to hit the headshop industry since vaporizers first hit the market.  The Glass Blunt is not only cool and fun to use but it is extremely practical. This smoking device eliminates the need for any sort of rolling papers but still allows the user to enjoy that type of smoking experience, not to mention it is healthier without all of those ez-widers.

    Glass Blunt Includes

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    • 1 borosilicate glass pipe with logo
    • 1 mouthpiece with twist screw
    • 2 silicone rubber cap
    • 1 cleaning scraping brush

    Glass Blunt Details

    • For use with herbs
    • Glass Pipe measurement - 2-3/8 inch Length, 5/8 inch Diameter, 2mm Thick
    • Mouthpiece Twist Screw measurement - 3-5/8 inch Length
    • Top quality - has 8 airflow holes for optimal hit
    • Deep Bowl Pack - pipe can be packed with up to 1.5 grams of the average dry herb
    • Easy To Use Design
  • User Manual

    How does a Glass Blunt work

    The design of this new innovative product allows a user to enjoy their favorite herbs without the need for rolling papers, dutch masters, white owls, or anything else like that. Simply stuff the herbs into the glass pipe to get that cigar-like experience without the paper.

    How to use Glass Blunts properly

    1. The first order of business will be to use a grinder and grind up some dry herbs. You can pack up to a gram and a half at once but you don't need to. But also don't try using a small bowl pack. If that is the case, go get the glass spoon pipe.

    2. With a pile of recently ground herbs you can start to pack the glass tube. Some users will start off by packing from both ends of the pipe, which is okay, but eventually you will want to place the rubber cap at one of the ends.

    3. Make sure the rubber cap is applied to one end of the tube, finish packing and then start to screw the mouthpiece and twist screw into the packed herbs. Twist up, twist down or add some more herbal to accumulate a solid packed section of the pipe. If the herbs are scarce and lightly packed it will be tougher to get a quality smoke session.

    4. When the packed pipe is good to go, remove the rubber cap to reveal the ground bud. With the green sitting at the edge of the pipes opening, take a lighter or flame of some sort and light up. Take a pull from the mouthpiece as you normally would. Puff pass and keep it moving or treat it more like a glass bowl to conserve if you want.

    6. As the pipe is smoked and ash is created, slowly twist the mouthpiece screw to push out the ash and reveal fresh greens. When the smoke session is done or if you want to put things on pause, make sure any cherry or heat is extinguished and place the rubber cap back over the open end of the tube.

    How to clean Glass Blunts

    We always like to say that maintaining a smoking device from use to use is the best way to clean it. But even with that methodical approach, especially with heavy users, resin can eventually build up. The design of the glass blunt is not one that will easily clog but the mouthpiece component has the potential if enough sticky sticky flows through the airflow holes.

    1. Cleaning the Tube

    For maintenance and low resin situations, simply dip a q tip like swab into rubbing alcohol or some other glass pipe cleaner and then get to work on the interior pipe walls. Scrub and rub to remove the particle build up all over the walls. For a less labor intensive clean, just soak the tube in the alcohol or cleaning solution for five to ten minutes. Shake it up and use a swab as the glass soaks and the resin begins to loosen. Whether soaking or scraping we always recommend running the pipe under warm water after exposing it to any sort of solvent cleaner.

    2. Cleaning the Mouthpiece Twisty Screw

    As stated before, this smoke device should not call for too much cleaning unless you want it to look crisp and new every time. The metal screw component can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or another similar cleaning solution. Soak a rag in rubbing alcohol and go over the surface and rub until it is clean enough for you. Just like the glass pipe, this part can also be soaked to loosen the particles and make cleaning easier. Especially if you are dealing with a clogged mouthpiece, soaking the part is one of the easiest and most effective ways to efficiently clean this and many other smoking accessories.

    3. Cleaning the Mouthpiece Twisty Screw

    This should not require cleaning but hey, if you want, rub it down with alcohol or soak it like the other parts above.

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    1.Getting yourself a razor sharp, quality Herb Grinder is a great idea to go along with the Official Glass Blunt.

    2. We sell a Secret Stash hair brush stash spot that can easily fit the blunt or other valuables.

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