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Glass Bowl Pipe with Color Changing Glass

Amazing Chameleon Glass pipes that change color over time. The hand blown pipe has colorful grip bubbles for a secure hold while smoking, plus a big airway to deliver big puffs.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Glass Spoon Pipe
    • choice of color options

    Glass Spoon Details

    • Hand blown glass pipes with color changing glass
    • Chameleon Glass - Glass changes color over time with use
    • Measurements - 4 inches long
    • Bowl Pack Size - Medium to Large herb packing
    • Flute style mouthpiece for a comfortable feel
    • Color Light Blue
  • User Manual

    Why Buy this Color Changing Pipe

    Just about every glass pipe can be packed with herb and easily smoked, no problem. Unless we are talking about a really long one, they are all more or less portable and easy to travel with - although they may stink. There are however, some main points about this piece that make it stand out to us. 1. Amazing Grip Bubbles Call them bubbles, gems or something else, but these spoons are covered with colorful glass bubbles, conveniently placed to give a user some of the best grip around. The grips make the bowl very easy to handle, plus it is comfortable and convenient when handling. 2. Color Changing A glass bowl is so much better when the color design develops as the pipe is smoked. This bowl may not seem so colorful outside of the grip bubbles, but overtime a really nice design will develop and show through. 3. Big Bowl Piece Some products suffer from a shallow or narrow bowl. But this color changing pipe can be packed with a healthy amount of dry herbs so that you can enjoy with the friends and family.

    Common Reasons to Clean the Glass Pipe

    1. Difficult to take a hit - Clogged airway As time goes on, resin will build along the interior of the smoking pipe. At first the resin is welcomed because the dark color brings out the different designs within color changing glass. But over time layers will build and eventually restrict the airflow. If the bowl piece has been cleared yet it is still difficult to take a pull, then the resin has finally overcome the airway and a cleaning is in the cards. 2. Impacting the Taste As a hit is taken, the smoke travels through the pipe and along the way touches everything in the path. At some point this path may start influencing the taste of the smoke. If the pipe has not been cleaned for awhile and some long awaited, legendary stuff just rolled in, you may may want to start soaking and scrubbing. A completely clean glass pipe will make sure the hits are pure without any impact to the flavor.