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Glass Screens for Bowls Pipes

High quality, glass pipe screens for use with smoking pipes and bong bowls. The glass screen will keep you from wasting herbs. We carry multi packs, all with FREE shipping.
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  • Product Details

    Screen Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Multi Pack of Glass Screens with several options available

    Glass Screen Details

    • Each multi pack comes with random colors
    • Designed for use with glass pipes, bong bowls and more
    • Tips & Guides

      How to use a Glass Bowl Screen

      Using the glass screen is very easy. The glass screen consists of a colorful, triangular shape attached to a small clear handle. Place the handle side down into the hole inside of the bowl head or bong bowl. Now you can simply pack the herbs right on top of it. Just remember that the screen is in the bowl when you are clearing the pipe. The small glass screens can be lost rather easily if you are not paying attention.

      Why use a Glass Bowl Screen

      Sometimes a glass bowl screen may be needed or just wanted. If the bowl piece has a large hole, you may want to use a glass screen to limit the amount of herbs that can fall through. The glass screen simply serves as another layer between the herbs and the interior of a pipe. Especially if you were using very finely ground herbs, a glass screen will help keep particles from being sucked through.