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Glass Spoon Pipe Spiral Colors Collection

Classic, hand blown glass spoon pipe with various spiral color designs. This pipe feels good in the hands and has an easy to reach carb hole.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Spiral Spoon Pipe
    • choice of color options

    Spoon Pipe Details

    • Hand blown glass pipes
    • Color design changes over time as the pipe is used
    • Measurement - 3.5 inches long
    • Bowl Head Size - Medium
    • Color Green
  • User Manual

    Why Buy the Spiral Glass Pipe

    If you are looking for a small, quality glass pipe, then this bowl is for you - at under $20 with Free Shipping, this is a no-brainer. The Spiral pipe is only 3.5 inches in length so it is easy to travel with or store away. It is made with chameleon color changing glass so the colorful design with enhance as the pipe is used. The bowl piece can accommodate a healthy size packing of dry herbs so you can be confident to have this pipe for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

    >How to Use this Pipe

    More specifically, you can call this a glass spoon pipe, and it operates just like all glass spoons. The main bowl piece is where the dry herbs are packed - although not a must, it is usually best to pack flower that has been through an herb grinder so that you can get an even, efficient burn when smoking. The carb hole is located on the left side of the bowl piece and it is used to control the airflow when taking a hit - depending on if you are a right or a lefty, use the thumb or pointer finger to cover and open the carb. Simply pack the bowl piece and use a lighter to light the herb - to draw the flame into the bowl chamber, take a pull from the mouthpiece while covering the carb hole, release the carb to clear and take the hit.

    Cleaning the Spiral Pipe

    As time goes on and the different flowers are smoked, resin residue will build up along the interior of the glass pipe walls. Initially this is great because the resin will bring out the amazing colors in the color changing glass, but eventually the airway can become clogged. In the short term, dab tools or paper clips can be used to create a semi-airway, but a thorough cleaning can be completed fairly easily. Simply soak the entire pipe in a 420 cleaning solution, or even rubbing alcohol. Let it sit so the solution can work its way into the resin. While soaking, you can shake it up or use the paper clip to help remove the resin more quickly. When satisfied, remove the pipe from the solution and run it under warm water to wash out any resin particles, plus to clear away any remaining solutions.