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Honeycomb Bowl Glass Spoon Pipes

Awesome Glass Pipes with a large bowl pack for healthy packs of bud. Very classy, subtle honeycomb design, flute style mouthpiece and the capacity to deliver massive hits when smoking.

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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

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    • 1 Honeycomb Glass Pipe

    Spoon Pipe Details

    • Handblown Design - Clear glass with honeycomb pattern scattered throughout piece
    • Flute Style Mouthpiece for comfort and easy hitting
    • Does NOT clog easily & is Very Easy to clean
    • Bowl Head Specs - 2 inches wide - the bowl itself is large & deep for packs of bud that will go around the cypher twice
    • Carb Hole - Comfortably placed on the left side of the bowl piece
    • Pipe Length - 5 inches