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Lego Dab Container & Wax Dabber Tool

This non-stick, silicone lego container has 5 separate storage areas for wax. The dabber tool is perfect for handling concentrates while dabbing. This is a must-have when it comes to domeless nails and wax vape pens.
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  • Product Details

    Dab Tool Listing Includes

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    • Lego Dab Container
    • Wax Dabber Tool

    Dab Container and Wax Tool Details

    Multi-Compartment Lego Container

    • 5 individual compartments for separating wax flavors
    • 50mm Length x 50mm Width x 30mm Height
    • 26 mL capacity
    • Food Grade, No-Stick Silicone Material

    Dabber Tool

    • 4.75 inches long
    • Stainless Steel

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    • User Manual

      Should I get this Lego Dab Container?

      If you consume wax via a dab rig, wax vape pen or nectar collector, you need a place to store the wax, and therefore you should get this lego container - it is a solid choice and will work for just about everyone. The Lego container has 5 compartments to separate the different wax flavors. The lid fits on securely, but when needed, you can easily access your stash. In addition, the dabber tool that is included, is a must-have, and it is great for handling the wax, plus it has a super sharp point to give you precision accuracy when dabbing with domeless nails. If you need a place to store concentrates, this will work for just about anyone. If you are looking for something super small and portable, we have other options for you. This will work for heavy users too, but if you have more than 5 flavors that need separation, you may want a dab container with more compartments.