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Marble Covered Glass Hand Pipe

Awesome glass pipes right here. They can be packed with a bunch of herb at once and these unique pipes are covered in marble grips that look really cool, plus it makes handling very easy and comfortable.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Hand Pipe Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Glass Pipe covered in Marble Grips

    Glass Hand Pipe Details

    • Hand blown design - color changing glass changes colors over time as the pipe is smoked. The piece is also covered in marble grips that not only make handling the pipe easy and comfortable, but they look really cool too.
    • Pipe Length - 4 inches
    • Bowl Head and Pack Size - head is about 1.75 inches wide - the bowl itself is Medium/Large for deep packs of bud
    • Carb Hole - on the left side of the bowl head
    • The airway is very wide and capable of delivering massive, milky hits
    • Does not clog easily and easy to clean without many tiny corners all over