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Rasta Glass Spoon Pipes

Get in touch with your inner Rasta when smoking this hand blown, inside out glass bowl. Each pipe is unique and optimized for airflow and big bowl packs. With FREE shipping this pipe deal cannot be beaten.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Piece listing includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Rasta Spoon Pipe

    Rasta Pipe Features and Specifications

    • Hand blown, thick glass pipe
    • Flute style mouthpiece
    • Easy to handle size, designed for maximum airflow
    • Color Design - Inside-out, rasta colored with Dichroic swirl
    • Bowl Capacity - Medium to Large for solid herb packings
    • Measurements - 3.5 inches long

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    • User Manual

      Cleaning a Glass Rasta Pipe

      Some will recommend boiling some water and tossing the glass piece in to get clean. This will work similar to other cleaning methods but when you bring the glass to such a high temperature and then remove it from there the glass piece will be at a higher risk of cracking or breaking completely. Another downside is the stench that will come from the resin being boiled. With all that said, if you still like this method just gently place the spoon pipe in the hot water, move it around to get the water flowing through and perform some interior scraping to help remove the stuck resin. Another, safer glass pipe, bowl or bong cleaning method involves using rubbing alcohol, 420 cleaner or another similar solution. Simply fill a small bag with some solution and immerse the glass pipe inside. Make sure the solution fills the entire piece and let it soak in to loosen the resin particles. After 5-10 minutes, the alcohol or cleaning solution should have worked its way in and you can start scrubbing the glass wall interiors with a q tip or similar tool. Continue to scrub, soak and repeat until satisfied. When you can see through the bowl again and are satisfied with the cleaning job, make sure to thoroughly rinse the glass under warm water and feel free to give it a few more scrubs with a clean q tip while rinsing. Once rinsed dry it off and leave it out to dry if needed.