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Saber Vape Pen for Wax

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Arguably the best vape pen for wax built with a new, intelligent design that allows you to vaporize wax at lower, tastier heat levels. Strong magnetic connections hold the parts together versus the older screw-in styles.
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  • Product Details

    Saber Vape Kit Includes

    • Saber Vape Pen
    • Replacement Wax Coil
    • Dabber Tool
    • Magnetic USB Charger
    • User Manual

    Wax Pen Details

    • Super Sleek, Discreet Wax Vape Pen by Dark Side Vapes
    • Variable Voltage Settings - adjust the temperature to your liking and vaporize the wax at different levels
    • Battery Capacity - 650 mah
    • Magnetic Chamber Connection - No Sticky Screwing
    • Auto-heat Baking Capabilities - Lets the chamber slowly simmer to get the tastiest wax vapor hits ever
    • Heating Elements - The Saber Vape comes equipped with the dual quartz rod coil.  The replacement wax coil is a ceramic donut coil.
    • Height - 4.75 inches tall
    • Diameter - 0.5 inches
  • User Manual

    About the Saber Vape Technology

    The Saber Vape for wax is on another level versus the other current options available. Wax pens have been around for awhile and they have continued to grow and get better, but the Saber finally brings some real change that has been needed. If you are thinking about buying this wax vape, do it, and if you have any reservations, keep reading to find out why you should go with the Saber.

    Variable Voltage & Auto Bake settings

    A Wax Vaporizer Pen was once very simple - press a button to heat a coil, the hot coil heats the wax and vapor forms. The problem is, the average vape pen burns the wax at a very high heat, giving off a harsh hit and impacting the purity of taste - plus not all wax is the same.

    The Saber vape pen has variable voltage settings so you can customize how hot you heat the wax. Turn the setting up for huge dab hits or turn it down to get a smoother, tastier vapor hit. In addition, the vape has an auto heat setting that will bake the wax at a hot, but low temperature which we guarantee will deliver the tastiest hits ever!

    Strong Magnetic Vape Parts

    Remember when you had to screw left and right in order to attach a vape mouthpiece or heating chamber? Wax gets messy, and many times we had to grab the pliers just to unscrew a mouthpiece so a chamber could be loaded. But Never again. The Saber Vape has strong magnetic connections where screw threads used to be - the mouthpiece, the heating chamber, and even the battery and charger are held together via strong magnets within the product. The magnets are strong enough so you don't need to worry about parts falling off, but they are also easy to remove, and more importantly, the parts don't get stuck like the vape pens with screw threading.

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