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Sea Spotted Glass Spoon Pipe

This cool, large glass pipe is a must have for those in the market for hand pipe that can deliver big hits. The large body allows more accumulation of smoke than the average, and a large bowl head means large herb packs!

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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Signature, Priority & International options available
    • 1 Sea Spotted Glass Pipe

    Hand Pipe Details

    • Hand Blown glass with blue and green spots that resemble a flowing sea
    • Features carb hole and large marble grip for easy handling
    • Flute style mouthpiece and large airway for big hits
    • Length - 5 inches long
    • Bowl Pack Size - Very spacious, hard to imagine you would ever need to pack any more herb at one time

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    • User Manual

      Should I go with this Spoon Pipe?

      You can't exactly go wrong here, unless you are looking for a bong, then you need to go to another page on our website where we offer the bongs. But if you are looking for a glass spoon pipe specifically, this is a good choice. If you want something real small, a spoon that can easily slip into a pocket, we have smaller options. This sea spotted glass pipe is portable, it does not weigh a ton, but it is 5 inches and likely best used at an at home device. It features a large bowl head so that you can pack enough herb to be satisfied without having to re-pack. The carb hole is conveniently placed and a marble grip makes smoking this pipe very easy. If you want a hand held pipe that delivers a big hit, you definitely are in the right place because this glass piece is spacious on the inside, delivering quite a hit once the carb hole is released.