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Silicone Wax Containers - 100 Pack

These quality, thick silicone dab containers are great for storing wax or even herbs. The storage containers are food grade safe and designed with a tightly fitted top that can pop on and off for easy access when dabbing, vaping or smoking on the go or at home.
Dab Container Options
Mixed Colors

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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

    • 100 silicone wax containers containers with a choice of Rasta or Random Colors

    Wax Container Features and Specifications

    • Material  Food Grade Safe Non Stick Silicone
    • Interior Dimensions  7/8 inch Diameter x 3/4 inch height
    • Exterior Dimensions  1.25 inches Diameter x 3/4 inch height

    see the Tips & Manuals tab for more information on storage containers for wax and other herbs

    • User Manual

      Herb Container versus Wax Container 1. Storing the different flavors of wax Obviously you can store wax in these no stick container and use them on the go or at home. But Wax has a distinct flavor and when dabbing, most vapers prefer to keep the various concentrates separate. Although mixing the different waxes can be very tasty and effective, most users prefer to keep things separate and only mix on demand if warranted. 2. Storing herbs Sure, a non stick container is ideal for storing wax but did you know that it is also great for storing herbs. The only downside is the size and capacity but you can still fit about a gram of ground up herbs in one of these containers and take it on the go to fill a portable vaporizer or glass pipe. Plus larger container sizes are available for more storage space. Why buy storage containers online from NY Vape Shop 1. Low Price and Convenience Where else can you get such a low price on wax containers without moving from the couch. Easily browse our head shop online and checkout with whatever you need in minutes without dealing with pushy sales people or traffic on the way. 2. Free, Fast, PRIORITY SHIPPING That is right, with this order you receive FREE Priority Shipping which means it will take 3 days tops to get to you and likely faster, and we typically fulfill orders right away as they come in. 3. Proven Products and Customer Service Check out our reviews to find out about our products and how well we treat our customers. We constantly look to develop our user interface, bring on new products and work with our customers to deliver value and satisfaction every single day.