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Vape Pen Carrying Case for Protection

$9.99   $12.99
This personal vaporizer carrying case can fit most vape models plus the related parts and accessories. Use this case on the go to keep your items separate from everything else in a bag or use it as a safe place for storage after a vaping session.

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  • Product Details

    Vape Accessory Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • 1 portable vaporizer carrying case

    Vape Pen Travel Case Details

    • Top Attribute - This vaporizer case can be used to safely store a vape pen, multiple accessories, plus the herbs too.  The case is made with a high quality zipper, not the cheap ones, to seal off the inside components from the outside world
    • Travel Case Dimensions
      • Length - 6 inches long
      • Width - 2.5 inches wide
      • Height - 1.75 inches tall
    • Travel Case can be used with the following vapes
      • Micro Vapes
      • AGO
      • Flowermate
      • APX Pulsar
      • Saber Vape
      • SteamCloud Vapes
      • Cloud
      • Atmos
      • PAX
      • E-CLIPSE
      • Da Vinci
      • Plus so much more!

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    • Color Leopard
  • User Manual

    Benefits of a Vape Carrying Case

    1. Protective Safe Storage The case is a protective environment that will keep a vaporizer from getting scratched or banged up. If you typically toss the device in a drawer, first place it inside the case to avoid scratches from the other objects and keep your device looking fresh. If traveling, this is a good way to keep everything in one place to not only protect the vaporizer but also potentially protect whatever else is in the bag. 2. The Place to go EVERY TIME before a vaping session Misplacing a vaporizer is not so uncommon and it is often because they are casually placed away somewhere right after use, sometimes just to get it out of view. But if you have the case, you can get the vaporizer out of view without tucking it away in some random drawer. Plus the added task of placing the vape pen away in a case will likely help you remember where you placed it for next time. 3. More than just a Vape Case Not only can you carry vaporizers, the charger and the other parts in this case, this case can be used for all sorts of items from sunglasses, headphones or other products that you want to keep safe or separate while traveling.

    Why Use a Vape Shop Online for Cases plus other Accessories

    1. Fast, organized browsing We are continuously improving our user interface and expanding the product categories so our customers can find everything they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. A head shop can be crowded with random products scattered around, dimly lit, and out of the travel case your are looking for. Enjoy the easy to navigate layout of the products along with all of the information at your fingertips from a computer or cell phone. 2. Globally Open 24-7 Whether on a rural farm, the big city, domestic or international, the store is always open and right at your fingertips. We never close and shopping can be done at 3am or while its zero degrees outside. Shop for a case while dining in Roma or while gambling in Vegas.