Atmos Vapes - Company Profile & Vape Reviews


This is a company that comes to mind when talking about creating innovative & resourceful vaporizers capable of vaping multiple materials. Pushing beyond the boundaries of portable vaping technology, Atmos is dedicated to providing the vaping industry with unique devices & gear to compliment all users & their personal preferences. Specializing in high quality portable vaporizers, Atmos is a top brand that creates innovative products for the vaping market. Considering which product to buy is a matter of individual needs, as all Atmos products are built for reliability & efficiency. You can be sure to find your next go-to with Atmos! Here we can take a look at some of the more unique types of vapes that Atmos has to offer.


If you are looking for a specialized device, you will find what you are looking for with Atmos. From single dry herb units, to oil & wax units, all products are versatile & effective at providing the user with a high-quality session. Atmos has some of the highest standards in the industry!


From being capable of handling all your favorite dry herbs, to dialing in the right temperature to allow for the best vaping experience for your concentrates, every vape session will be enhanced with the Greedy M2! One of the most advanced & versatile portable vapes to come out of Atmos, the Greedy M2 is your next go to vape! Innovative battery technology automatically adjusts to the correct wattage and voltage for the attached cartridge, giving you a truly unique experience that is practical, resourceful, and truly memorable! A popular choice among beginners & advanced users alike, the Greedy M2 is rated highly among dry herb vape enthusiasts.



Powered by a rechargeable 900 mAh lithium-ion battery, Atmos has outdone itself by providing a truly unique & versatile device! Another high-quality vape pen capable of handling all your favorite dry herbs & wax, this stealthy little design is perfect for being your next go-to device for all your vaping needs. Made for those with an active lifestyle, the R2 is slim, sleek, and truly stylish. Utilizing an advanced ceramic heating chamber makes the R2 versatile with its additional anodized heating coil chamber. A combination vape like no other, the R2 is one of the most popular vapes on the market!


The memory function on this awesome little unit heats up your device to its previous setting, providing a more convenient vape session! One of the best multi-purpose vapes on the market, this 2nd generation vape to the original Vicod addresses the drawbacks of its predecessor. The Vicod 5G is now much more compact & discreet, boasting a powerful 2200 mAh lithium polymer battery. Using advanced temperature controls ranging from 300 – 435 degrees Fahrenheit, the Vicod 5G’s ceramic heating chamber not only vapes your favorite dry herbs, but also your most cherished concentrates! Truly a highlight of the Atmos product line, this vape is one of the best on the market.


A simpler design than most, the Kiln is one of the more popular models to come out of Atmos. Like the name suggests, the Kiln is specially made to precisely heat up your most favorite wax concentrates. The heating element is made of pure ceramic, delivering one of the purest flavor profiles of any portable dab pen on the market. Powered by a 950 mAh lithium ion battery, the Kiln is a beautifully constructed vape pen that is compact, stylish, and made to vape your concentrates between 300 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A favorite among dab pen enthusiasts, the Kiln is sure to become your next go to vape!


An innovative unit with multiple uses, the RX stands out against other vapes for its ease & versatility. Ideally designed for users who prefer an on-the-go method, the sleek style and stealthy build makes this one of the more popular types offered by Atmos. Capable of both dry herb & concentrates, the most idealistic feature to remember here is its 710 threading. A ceramic heating chamber ensures the most flavorful, pleasant, and aromatic vapors coming from a simple pen design. The RX is one of the more popular models featured from Atmos.


With the advent of vaporizing taking the world by storm, it is no surprise that despite the popularity of vaping, some are left to wonder what goes into making a specific vaporizer work. From beginners to advanced users, we can take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions about Atmos vapes.


Any top-rated head shop worth its salt will carry the latest models of the most popular brands. Atmos is a trusted & recognized name within the vaping community, so any prominent vape shop should carry these. Your best bet to finding what you need is to shop online, and there is no better place to look than right here at NY Vape Shop!


The best vape will naturally be the one that suits your individual needs, capable of vaping your favorite dry herbs, wax, or oil concentrates. Choosing the best one is a matter of personal choice, as Atmos carries models capable of vaping one or all of these materials! For dry herbs, you might want to go with the Ruva or the Vicod 5G. For wax, you could also go for the Vicod 5G, or the Kiln RA. There are many models to choose from in each category, which also includes combination vapes capable of doing it all!


Depending on what specific model of Atmos vape you have, setting the temperature is a rather simple & straightforward process. Some devices used for wax concentrates for example may either have a precision temperature setting, allowing you to customize your vape temperatures, or they may come equipped with convenient preset heat settings. Most dry herb vapes come with precision temperature settings, while other units reserved for oil & e-liquids use just a touch of a button at the right temperature. Using the temperature settings will be a simple process by just a few clicks of a button on your device, if it comes equipped with that feature.


Like any other quality vape device on the market, Atmos vapes are user friendly, which makes loading your material a breeze. For oil concentrates & e-liquids, simply filling up the vape cartridge the way you normally would for any pod system vape pen would be the way to go, and yes, you can use oil in a refillable e-liquid cartridge. Wax concentrates are usually loaded onto the vape using a dabber, while dry herbs are loaded manually by hand into the chamber until reaching the desired amount. No matter what you use, make sure not to overfill your cartridge or chamber!

Is an ATMOS VAPE worth it?

Most Atmos Vapes can be a smart buy if it is what you are looking for in terms of herb, wax or oils. The reason being that Atmos is a trusted name in the business, producing high quality vapes that are capable of not only specializing in one modality or another, but because they also offer combination vapes that can vaporize dry herbs & concentrates in the same vape! This showcases the versatility of Atmos’ vaping technology, making it convenient for the consumer to pick & choose the style that suits him best. All vapes offered by Atmos are made to the highest quality standard the industry has to offer. They are built to last and will accommodate any style given their vast selection to choose from.


A good quality vape uses a good quality charger, which is why Atmos is committed to providing the industry with top notch products that are built to last, charge up fast, and remain charged for the long haul. When you find that your battery level is depleting on your Atmos vape, simply taking it to your charging cable and plugging it in will initiate the charging process. Depending on your model of vape & charger, once you plug the cable into a wall outlet, this will begin the charging process. Luckily, charging times are not long, so you will be back to vaping in no time!


If you are vaping oil concentrates or e-juice in an Atmos model made for those materials, you will be glad to know that simply pushing a button is all you need to get started. However, there are more sophisticated models that do not even use buttons, instead relying on your breath to activate! Once you inhale, it starts vaping your liquids. Other vapes made by the Atmos vape company are for dry herbs & wax. Like the e-liquid vapes, they are also simple to operate once they are loaded and ready to go. Simply turn on the unit, set your temperature, wait for it to heat up a moment, and then vape away!


Taking good care of your vaping unit ensures that you will be able to use it long term without running into any major issues. Simply doing a routine cleaning can make all the difference in the world. For pod or cartridge systems, you want to not only clean your mouthpieces, but also the cartridge itself to prevent build up and cross flavoring. Wax & dry herb vapes are easily cleaned with q-tips and a little rubbing alcohol along the chambers. Specifically made for dry herbs, brushing the chamber clean after every use will lessen the amount of time you have to actually clean it with alcohol.