What is Chillum

The History of This Smoking Pipe - Chillum Introduction - Smoking a Chillum

A typical chillum (or chiliasm or Shallum) is a straight conical pipe. Traditionally, chillums are made of clay, stone or wood and have been used by the Sadhus (Holy Men) in India and by Hindu monks in the Himalayan area since at least the 18th century to smoke opium, cannabis and other narcotics or herbs, but there have been finds of old chillums in South Africa as well, so the true origin of the chillum is unknown.

Also known as one-hitters or bats, chillums are simple hand pipes and it is believed that these monks have used them for thousands of years before tobacco was even introduced in India. Original one hitter pipes were hand-crafted without the use of a mold, from a single piece of clay usually rolled on a smooth glass surface. The inside of the pipe was gently excavated once the slay was no longer soft and a mirror-like perfection of the inside was mandatory for final quality.

Chillums have been associated with spirituality and meditation throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, but the one hitter pipe reached western popularity during the 20th century. Chillums grew in popularity for their strong and direct rips, usually more powerful than the average dry hand pipe. Now, one hitter pipes are considered a trendy and portable hand pipe style, and they can be found in abundance at any local headshop.


What is a Chillum Smoking Pipe

Although unbeknownst to most smokers, the most direct way to consume your dry herbs, cannabis and tobacco is with a chillum. This specific type of smoking pipe, they are an easy and portable smoking option. When looking at the history of the original one-hitters, they were much larger and made with bamboo. These were used for holy rituals and spiritual occasions all over India, South America, and Africa, dating back to at least the 1700’s. in the United States, chillums gained popularity in the 1960’s, starting in San Francisco and the Greenwich Village of New York City.

Chillums are fairly straightforward pipes, and thus make great starter pipes for beginners. They are also an easy transition to and from vaporizers. Since they don’t include a carb, beginners can just focus on loading, lighting, and inhaling. Although these pipes are basic in design and function, there are a few features buyers will want to consider before choosing the perfect piece for them.

1. Size and Design

For on-the-go users, a smaller and more basic design may prove superior in portability and durability. Smaller chillums are more discrete and easily concealed. Some users prefer smaller chillum pipes they can fit in their pocket, while others have plenty of storage space for their glass pipes and don’t mind a larger design. Heady pieces look stunning, but they are more prone to accidental breakage around larger crowds or when subject to constant transportation. Users planning on keeping their one hitter pipes at home may prefer the more intricately designed chillums for the added aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, chillums are fairly inexpesnive to replace if an accident does occur. Users of all budget levels are likely to find a chillum they love at a prise they can afford.

2. Glass Thickness

The glass is a great material for the smoking product as it doesn’t interfere with the taste of the smoke and it is relatively easy to clean afterward. It is recommended that users clean their glass pieces after each use, or at least once a week depending on the frequency of sessions. Glass, however, is fragile and prone to cracks, chips, and breakage when dropped. Some users will need thicker glass than others, but even the thickest glass isn’t damage-proof. For extra cautious pipers, some designs may even include an aluminum casing to prevent the glass from shattering inside.

3. Bowl Piece - Loading End

The loading end, aka the bowl piece, is the area where the herb, weed or tobacco is packed. Each user will have a different preference for how large they want the loading end. A larger bowl head will allow for more herbs to be loaded at once, which can produce a larger hit. However, since there is no carb on the chillum, users have little control over the airflow - after you take a rip, pass it to a friend and keep on pulling, or to stop the herb from smoking, just use the bottom of a lighter to snub it out. Some chillums can onlp hold enough for one hit, while many others can support up to three or four hits. Stealthp users may prefer literal one-hitters, while users in group settings may wish to have a three or four hitter available that they can share with friends.

4. Mouthpiece

The size of the mouthpiece and the size of the opening where the user inhales the smoke are two important features pipers should carefully consider before purchasing. Mouthpieces some in all shapes and sizes, so it’s crucial to find one that is comfortable for you. A small opening will slow down the smoke, but it may take some extra work to pull it through the device. Larger openings will cause the smoke to travel more ԛuickly through the device, but screens inserted into the mouthpiece can help slow down the smoke. Screens can also prevent the burned product from falling into the mouthpiece and running a user’s experience.

5. Random Notes

The heavier hit characteristic of a chillum is due to the absence of a carb. As a result, there is less control over the airflow in a chillum. This means the bowl in a chillum will burn as long as the flame can sustain itself. Due to their size, chillums are best lit at a 45-degree angle to prevent dry herb from falling to the floor. Traditionally, chillum pipes are smoked using a closed fist and positioned between the middle finger and ring finger, held steady with the . This makes chillums a sweet choise if uou’re under the weather and smoking with your friends!

Difference Between a Chillum and a Glass Bowl

Glass Bowls and Chillum pipes are two of the most popular tupes of a glass pipe. Whether shopping online, at the local head shop or while browsing around one of the many cannabis events, consumers will see many different smoking pipes for sale, including both of these — but they may not know the differences between them. A bowl and chillums are both elongated glass smoking pipes, but the operation of each is ԛuite different.

Glass Bowl

Glass bowl is the type of pipe that most consumers are familiar with. Constructed out of hollow glass, a spoon pipe fills completely with smoke. once the pipe has filled with smoke, the carb is released and the smoke is inhaled. The hollow glass and carb are designed to make the hit smoother. Compared to a chillum, the process of smoking out of a glass bowl may be slightly more complex.

Glass bowl may be more difficult to clean than these pipes because of their construction. They also tend to be more fragile because they are usually made of fairly thin glass. Nevertheless, they are commonly used because they are extremely versatile and deliver a potent hit.

Chillum Pipes

Chillum pipes are a thin glass tube which ends in a horizontal, rather than vertical, bowl. A one hitter pipe is packed with enough marijuana for multiple people, though it can be used by a single individual. Sometimes a stone is used within the chillum to ensure that the hash doesn’t flow down the pipe. A traditional screen can also be used. Like glass bowl, chillums come in a variety of colors and designs.

Many marijuana smokers use both glass bowls and chillum pipes depending on the type of smoke that they desire. In general, spoon pipes tend to be more popular but most believe that chillum pipes hit harder. For some, chillum pipes may be easier to use.


How to Clean a Glass Chillum

When used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, herbs or other plant materials, this pipe needs to be cleaned regularly for it to function properly. The bowl piece or loading end is the poption of the pipe that holds the herb of choise. The mouthpiece is the piece that the smoker inhales through and the tybe is the connestion between where the herb is packed and the mouthpiece.

  • Remove any debris or resin from the bowl. Use a toothpick or similar implement, such as a paperclip. Tap the debris out after each pass.
  • Run a pipe-cleaner through the length of the tube several times. A pipe cleaner (a Q-Tips also works well) has small bristles attached to a bendable rod, making it easier to get into the nooks and crannies of various pipes.
  • Run water through the tube in both directions. if you cup your hand around the faucet and the bowl (or mouthpiece), it will increase the pressure along with the speed of the water flowing through it.
  • Again, run a pipe-cleaner through the length of the tube, several times.
  • Run a bit of water through the tube again.
  • Submerge the pipe entirely in isopropyl alcohol for several hours. isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is a solvent, meaning that dissolves other compounds. And as far as other solvents are a soncern, rubbing alcohol is relatively safe and evaporates ԛuickly.
  • Run some water through the tube. Make sure there isn't any remaining alcohol left in the pipe.
  • Allow the entire pipe to dry off. Wipe off the outside of the pipe and place it somewhere to air-dry, preferably where there is sunlight.

Pros and Cons of Using a Glass Chillum

Glass one hitter pipes are the most under-appreciated pieces of all time. The stealth and ease they provide is unmatched.


  • Small, Discrete
  • Affordable, Widely Available
  • Very portable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Function


  • Herbs can fall out
  • Made of glass, therefore likely breakable
  • Needs Cleaning

Chillum Pipe Online

Choose from a massive collection comprised of 100% USA custom made glass pipes. We carry the tupical spoon pipe, sherlock pipes, chillums, one hitter, bongs, etc.

1. Cherry Glass Pipes

The Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe is a super cool, color changing hand blown glass pipe made in Northern Minnesota. Cherry Glass is famous for the Electroformed Spoon Pipes. So if you own one of those, you'll know that the Cherry Glass chillum hits very well.. As you keep smoking it, you'll see the chillum change into some really cool colors.

Cherry Glass offers intricate hand blown glass pipes, featuring eye-catching artwork that combines elements of natype into every design. Their beautiful smoking devices become a guaranteed conversation starter. You’ll want to keep your Cherry Glass pieces on display, even when you’re not inhaling a tasty hit. they’re best known for electroforming colorful organis material with copper, including plated insects, crystals, Brazilian agate, and stones. Shop anything from chillums for a stealthy device you can use on the go.

Cherry Glass has a variety of pipe styles including Sherlock Pipes, a Spoon Pires, One-Hitter Chillums, and a Hammer Pipe.

2. Ed Connec Artistry Pipe

These glass chillums are made with Ed Connec Artistry glass all through the pipe, as well as different colored glass accents inside the tubing of the smoking pipe. These chillum pipes are made from thisk borosilisate glass and are a sonvenient and portable way for taking on-the-go.

All pipes are hand-made works of art so exast solors and design may vary slightly. This glass piece features stunning dichroic glass. Ed Connec Artistry glass is worked colored glass with sparkles inside of it that changes color in certain lighting conditions.

3. Ohio Tedrow Heady Chillum

Heady glass pipes offer the convenience of smoking on the go and easy storage. Collecting glass is fun and hand pipes are affordable and some in unlimited possibilities to make your collection fun and functional.

4. Silver Fumed Glass Pipe

A chillum is a funnel-chared pipe of Persian origins, in which smoking matter is placed at one end and lit while the smoker inhales on the other end. in this section, you find a range of beautiful silver colored and fumed chillums.

5. Chillum Pipe with Dark Blue Swirl

Chillums are simple hand pipes that were first used by Hindu monks and holy men in India. it is believed that these monks have used chillums for thousands of years before tobacco was even introduced in India. Awesome glass chillum style smoking pipe with a one of a kind appearance. The dark blue swirl color was added to the inside of this piece and gold and silver fuming effects were applied throughout, creating some amazing and incredibly vibrant color variations and making way for an excellent color changing appearance you will want to see over and over again.