Who is Grenco Science

Who is Grenco Science?

Grenco Science engineers advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers for dry herbs, wax, oils and e liquid. Grenco Science, commonly referred to by industry insiders as G Pen, was the first to market a tank system specifically designed for personal aromatherapy regimens. And the name of that first great successful vape pen was the G Pen. The company’s ingenious designs feature superior functionality with the convenience of transportability.


Vaporizers Available at Grenco Science

Grenco presents a wide variety of pen and portable vaporizers for sale, taking that portion of the market to new and fantastic heights. They opened up new doors in the market with the GPro, GSlim, and MicroG models. Here is a quick overview of their current line of vaporizers.

G Pen Gio

The G Pen Gio is a dynamic new oil cartridge-based vaporizer which offers smooth hits and maximum vapor and full flavor. The Gio vape kit includes a micro USB charger for sleek, easy charging just about everywhere, plus the awesome, easy to use G Pen Gio Vaporizer pen. The G Pen Gio’s benefits include the easy, buttonless breath activation and temperature optimization. It has an advanced wicking system and an ergonomic zinc-alloy body. And the powerful 180mAh battery allows pass through micro USB charging so you can operate the vape while it is on the charger. The G Pen Gio is very discreet and portable. It measures just 16mm wide, 10mm deep and 104mm tall. It is very lightweight weighing in at just 42 grams. The Gio heats up immediately, charges in about 2 hours, and features a rechargeable 180mAh battery plus a one-year warranty. The battery is exclusively used with G Pen Gio Cartridges. Enjoy the G Pen Gio ergonomic design with durable zinc-alloy casing that houses the powerful vape battery that comes with pass-through charging via micro USB..


G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova is a new portable vaporizer specifically designed for use with both dry herbs and wax. This is amazing, as you can see the big differences between dry herb and wax vapes vapes here. This powerful pocket-sized vaporizer is versatile with a sleek form factor. It also includes a state-of-the-art battery and a dual-use tank, which provides a variety of vaping options. The benefits of the G Pen Nova include the new battery that supplies an impressive 300mAh of power. The battery is compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges which are becoming very popular. It has a variable-voltage system with 3 settings that provide a simple and seamless operation, including an extended draw mode. The pass-through charging via micro-USB is also a huge plus. You also get a ceramic heating element, currently the industry ideal, and a quartz bowl. The ceramic loading/stirring tool conveniently built into the mouthpiece, enabling users to load concentrates directly into the tank and disperse ground material to ensure consistency in vaporization. Some drawbacks of this particular model include dry herb performance, which doesn’t quite match use of was extracts. It also has a light vape delivery. The G Pen Nova is discreet, portable and compact. It measures at only, 6.09 x 1.82 x 1.82 inches, and it weighs less than a pound. You can get to vaping quickly as this device heats up in just 15 seconds and charges in about two hours. It comes with a rechargeable 300mah vape battery and a 1 year warranty. The Nova comes with the battery, the tank, and the USB charging cable.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a portable, dry herb convection vaporizer. The ergonomic design features an all-ceramic heating chamber, battery life indicator, and a full LED display with temperature control. The G Pen Elite is the ideal solution for on-the-go vaping, efficient in both form and function. Accessories for the Elite include the charging dock 5-Pin USB outlet, which provides sleek desktop charging and storage of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer for Ground Material. The silicone sleeve creates an added layer of protection against heat when the area around the G Pen Elite's mouthpiece becomes hot. The vape features an LED display to keep you informed. And for down the line, there is a replacement mouthpiece available along with the G Pen Tool, a G Card, a cleaning brush, and of course the USB charging cable. The benefits of the Elite model include a large, fully ceramic heating chamber, plus the ability to deliver any desired temperature between 200° - 428°F (93° - 220°C). It has a very high-grade lithium-ion battery along with smart-chip technology, so the G Pen Elite is a high-performance vaporizer that sustains battery life for extended use. Although the Elite can be more expensive than competitors, you can be confident you are getting quality with it. The Elite measures at just 4.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and about an inch deep. Weighing in at just 88g, this vape pen is portable and compact. It heats up in about 20-30 seconds, charges in two hours, and comes with a rechargeable 2200mah battery.


G Pen Pro

The new standard in portable vape technology, the G Pen Pro is intuitively designed exclusively for use with dried herbs. This perfect marriage of form and function is an amazing value at below $100! Accessories for the G Pen Pro include a wired Charger, a 5-Pin Wired USB Charger serves as the main charging device for the G Pen Elite and G Pen Pro Vaporizer from the G Wall Adapter or any compatible USB port. Original G Pro filter screens and a replacement mouthpiece are also available. The kit includes the vaporizer, the G Pen Tool, a cleaning brush, and a USB charging cable. There are lots of benefits to the G Pen Pro, not the least of which are the single-button controls and three preset temperatures: 375°F (Blue), 400°F (Green), and 428°F (Red). The light yet durable aluminum casing, .25g internal ceramic heating chamber and 30 second heating time are also big pluses. However, the G Pen Pro may not offer the best options in its price range. It may become hot after use, and the carrying tube is thought to be bulky. The G Pen Pro is just 116mm x 25mm x 24 mm. It charges in between two and three hours, has a rechargeable 1300 mAh battery and a one-year warranty.

G Pen Vaporizer (dual quartz)

Inspired by the spirit of the classic Micro G, the revolutionary G Pen vaporizer was a must-try for all Original Micro G enthusiasts at one point, and it still is to many. The main accessory for this device is the coil which is an upgraded tank system for wax concentrates. You can read all about atomizers here, but the best features dual quartz rods and a high borosilicate glass chamber for smooth, instant vaporization for unrivaled flavor of concentrates. The benefits of the G Pen Vaporizer is the smooth pulls, and very easy use. Plus the device is very affordable. The G Pen dual quartz coil vape kit comes with all of the components required for immediate startup. This device is intended for use with thicker viscosity wax and not oils or liquids. The coil is fairly easy to load and it will heat up very quickly. It doesn’t offer variable temperature settings but it is certainly adequate for everyday use, all day with a long lasting 900mah battery. The G Pen vape battery functions interchangeably with all G Pen Vaporizers, including the G Pen Coil, G Pen Ground Material Tank, G Pen Liquid Tank, and G Pen Dual Quartz Tank. The charging time is about 2-3 hours.


Micro G Pen

Micro in size, yet monumental in capability, the Micro G offers simplicity of design, ease of use, and concentrate conservation. This is one of the original vape pens, and it is still highly popular. The Micro G offers a simple design and it is very easy to fill, It is very affordable, easy to maintain, plus super discreet. The Micro G, is just 2.25 inches by 3.25 inches x 5.5 inches. It weighs basically nothing and can fit in even the real skinny jeans. It heats up just about immediately and will offer a quick, smooth vapor puff. The coils are easy to load, replaceable, and can be found with quartz or ceramic rods plus other styles. The vape battery charges in between 2 and 3 hours. And the kit includes the vape charger plus other dab accessories like a wax tool and dab container.

G Slim

Combining lightweight technology with sleek simplicity, the G Slim provides high-performance functionality in a compact, highly portable design. Its sleek stature and overall durability make it a classic for dry herb vaping. Note that this is a combustion dry herb vaporizer, so it is more of an easier, more convenient way to smoke versus the healthier, convection style vaping. The G Slim is portable and discreet, easy to use and affordable. It’s durable, reliable, and heats instantly. Very discreetly, you can easily puff this vape and then slip in the back pocket. It is compact and portable. On the downside, the battery life is not the best, and it is fairly inflexible as it is specifically designed exclusively for dry herbs. The G Slim is just 0.25 inches x 2.25 inches x 6.25 inches and weighs just about nothing. It heats up instantly, charges in just 2 to 3 hours, and comes with a rechargeable 650mah vape battery.


Grenco Science FAQ

Vapes are still fairly new, and many people often have questions about using them. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about using a Grenco Vaporizer.

Where to Buy a Grenco Science Vaporizer

The vaporizers and their accessories can be purchased at vape shops and smoke shops across the country, as well as all over the internet. Just google around and you can find things. You can also buy G Pen products directly from their website and even right here at nyvapeshop.com, where USA shipping is always free. We’re also here to help you with any questions you might have.


How to Pack a Grenco Science Vaporizer

Different vapes will load differently, but they are all quite simple. Simply fill the cartridge or heating chamber with the proper product, then close up the chamber with the mouthpiece. Dry herb vapes require a grinder be used for the herbs and never over pack an e liquid tank or wax coil. To see exactly how to use a specific vaporizer, we offer reviews on every specific vape. Checkout that review or the product page and learn everything there is to know.

Is It Worth It?

Here is the G Pen line of vaporizers, and they deliver various functionality at competitive prices, with ease of use, portability, and a vape quality that you can be confident in. Is it worth it? The growing legion of fans seem to think so, and the many great reviews all over the internet from real users seem to drive the point home. Vaping is at the forefront of dry herb and concentrate consumption, and Grenco Science is at the forefront, and certainly worth a look.


How to Charge a Grenco Science Vaporizer Battery

The G PEN vapes have different sized batteries and various indicators, but all are a USB charger port system that can be used with the included charger or a charger used for your cell phone. Charging can take up to 4 hours, but usually never more, and all charging instructions can be found on the products page or in our review for that vape. Check it out and reach out if you have any questions.

How to Use a Grenco Science Vaporizer

That depends on the model. The Gio is a button-free, breath-activated vaporizer, and some others use a single-button design with various button codes to control the varying degrees of technology that each model may provide. Just go to the product detail page to see everything about the vaporizer. We also have detailed reviews to help you operate and understand each vape.

What is the Best Grenco Science Vaporizer

Grenco Science has different vaporizers for different purposes, and with that their quality and performance will vary from model to model. The G Pen Quartz is a great portable vaporizer for wax concentrates, while the G Pro is a dry herb portable vaporizer. The Nova is perfect, and the Elite vape offers advanced functions like the LED display, temperature control, battery life indicator, and a ceramic heating chamber. The best selection depends on the specific needs of the user. But whatever those particular vape needs may be, Grenco offers many oiptions.

Grinder Cards

Grenco Science offers G Cards in just about all of there vape kits, at least the ones that can be used with dry herbs. The metal G Card is a functional grinder in the form of a handy, portable metal card form. It is almost like a cheese grater in how it operates. They come in very handy, take up no more space than a credit card, plus they can be found in a variety of cool new designs too!