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Pulsar Vaporizers

When it comes to vaporizing tools and technology, you’ve got a lot of options. Leading the way in the industry with originality and functionality is Pulsar Vaporizers. They design, build and sell top performing vapes for aromatherapy and herbal vaporization at a price that consumers can get behind. They have several styles of vapes you can buy, including the ever-popular APX line and even Pulsar glass. The Pulsar glass attachments can be purchased for those looking to accessorize. The company even offers Pulsar vape battery replacements, vape pen parts, and accessories like hats and tees!

The Pulsar vape company understands every person, and their needs, are unique. Their motto is “Better Vaporizers at Better Prices” and they are great options. They have set out to design their vape lines with every customer in mind, from the jetsetting vaper on the go who desires stealth, to the vaper at home who wants to share and create thick clouds carefree; from beginners seeking just the basics to get started, to advanced users that want to completely customize their session to their mood. Pulsar offers specialty vapes for dry herbs, waxes and oils, plus they have great combo options.


Vaporizers Offered By Pulsar

Pulsar has been developing portable vaporizers for years - each new model is better than the last, improving where customers want and where technology allows. There are several types of Pulsar vape pens aka vapes on the market. Dry herb vaporizers have been around since the beginning, and only vape ground herbal material. Dab pens and oil vapes have come along only recently, and are for concentrates, or dabs, which come in several consistencies like shatter and crumble. Pulsar has been there for it all from the start. Below are some of the most popular Pulsar vaporizers:

APX 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

The APX 2 is the newest addition to the Pulsar family, it was released in 2018. It’s one of the fastest vape pens on the market with a heat up time that is in a matter of seconds. It is small, compact and comes in several cool designs, including tie dye and a psychedelic spaceman. Fine tune the heat setting with ease on the bright LCD display. The heating chamber is larger than most, especially for the size of the vape pen, and is made of ceramic, the best material for dry herb vaping. The APX 2 is an immediate favorite for its power, portability and potent punch.


APX Wax Vape

The Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer was released in 2017. It is almost the same as the APX 2, including the skin selection, except for a few features. The main difference is that this Pulsar vaporizer is for wax concentrates, and not herb. You can also choose between a steel or glass mouthpiece. It has a pure quartz heating chamber with a triple coil for speed and power - you can start vaping in as little as 5 seconds! It fits easily in your pocket or purse and is an excellent traveling companion.

APX Oil Kit

This model was also released in 2017 as one of the original APX series models. It was specially designed for thick oils. It has a sleek black appearance. It’s small, lightweight and extremely powerful. It’s 1100mAh battery has a great preheat function. It also features a variable voltage setting so you can customize your session from a fine wisp to thick billowing clouds. You can use any and all 510 threaded oil cartridges pre-filled or fill your own. Nothing beats the APX for oil when it comes to size, power and price!


Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Flow is a stylish, sleek and elegant dry herb vape that came out in 2018. Choose from a variety of designs, like a contemporary carbon fiber look or sophisticated wood grain and silver. At only 5” long, it’s discreet and easy to carry. Plus it heats up in a speedy 40 seconds, making the Flow a perfect travel companion. It features a quartz-line chamber and magnetic lid for optimal performance and ease.

Pulsar Go Vaporizer

The Go is a very portable and potent model that also came out in 2018. It comes in six colors and fits in the palm of your hand. It has interchangeable components, for both dry herb and wax vaping, that screw on or off with ease. The chambers heat quickly; you can be vaping your wax in as little as 5 seconds! It’s not only a great travel buddy due to it’s small and compact design, but it’s made with quality. One of the best quality features is the blown-glass mouthpiece, which is sturdier and more sanitary than plastic or silicone ones.


Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer

This e-nail is one of Pulsar’s legendary original vaporizers. They haven’t needed to change much since it was first released in 2016. The e-nail fits snugly in your hand, has a good weight and is built to last. Heat with the press of a button. Read about the ideal vaping temperatures in this article. With the e-nail, the variable heat settings ranging from 650-1,000°F. The V3 features the 3 most popular types of nails; ceramic, titanium and quartz. Take your session to the next level and smooth out your vape with the available glass bubble attachment.

Pulsar Dab Rig

The Pulsar company is widely known for their vapes, especially the Pulsar dry herb vaporizers. They also sell the popular Pulsar dab pens, but did you know about Pulsar dab rigs? They have many types of dab rigs available, mostly of which are glass rigs. They have different sizes, colors, and cool glass art options too. Put down the dab pen and truly start dabbing with a handy Pulsar dab rig today!

Pulsar Bongs

That is right, you can now buy Pulsar bongs from the same company that brought you popular Pulsar vapes like the APX dry herb vaporizer. Pulsar bongs come in a variety of styles, sizes and design. They sell gravity and beaker bongs, plus recycler bongs and ash catchers. You can find options like the Lady Bug Shroom Beaker, Chill Pineapple Beaker, or the meditation gravity bong. Whatever your preferences, there is a Pulsar bong out there for everyone!

Which Pulsar Vaporizer Is Best?

You can get a Pulsar cart battery if you find yourself buying vape cartridges all the time. Or get the Pulsar dab pen if you love wax concetrates. Ultimately, the best vaporizer for you comes down to your needs and preferences. We teach you how to choose the most ideal vaporizer in this article. That being said, Pulsar is constantly innovating and improving their designs, so the most recent versions are going to be the best. Currently, the APX 2 Vaporizer is the most recent version. It’s the most compact and lightweight edition. Measuring only about 4”, it’s small size makes it super discreet and very portable. It features a silicone vapor path, which cools the vapor before it reaches your lips and allows for pure, rich vapor flavor. The APX also uses a convection ovens in the heating chamber, which even heats your herb and produces consistent vapor.

Where to Buy A Pulsar Vaporizer

Pulsar is one of the most popular brands of vapes on the market. You can find them in most local head shops and many vape stores. You can also find a bigger selection online at many retailers, especially at nyvapeshop.com. When you shop at nyvapeshop.com, you’ll find a wide range of products, plus knowledgeable and friendly customer service!

Pulsar Vaporizer FAQ

Vapes are still fairly new, and many people often have questions about using them. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about using a Pulsar Vaporizer.

1. How to Pack a Pulsar Vape

All dry herb vapes should be packed with ground dry herbs. For best results read this herb grinder tutorial. In either case, always use properly cured materials and a grinder. Load the ground herb into the heating chamber of the device. You want to fill the chamber but not stuff it too tightly; the hot air must be able to circulate. If you are using the Pulsar dab pen, wax vapes and e-nails, you'll be packing concentrates. Concentrates are a waxy, crumbly or shatter consistency. Use a dab tool to scoop a small piece of concentrate and place it on the coil in the dab pen, or on the dab nail. Be gentle when loading coils as to not damage them.


2. How to Adjust Vape Temperature

Each vape will vary when it comes to setting the temperature. Some devices only have simple settings like low, medium and high. Other devices have a true variable setting where you dial in to the desired temperature. Some vapes have variable voltage settings, which work like variable temperature settings. The higher the voltage the hotter the temperature output.

3. Is It Worth It?

Pulsar is a quality brand. While they are not the cheapest models on the market, they are very affordable. They are highly functional and fashionable with features consumers love. Pulsar only uses high-grade components from batteries to mouthpieces, so you’ll have a tool that will look great and last a long time. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget, needs and preferences. Pulsar is the perfect choice for people that don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a top-notch tool.


4. How to Charge a Pulsar Vaporizer Battery

All Pulsar vapes use a micro USB charging cable, which can easily be connected to most wall adapters used for cell phones. Make sure you let the battery fully charge before using and fully drain before charging next. You also do not want to leave the battery charging for an extended period of time, remove once it is finished. These tips will help greatly extend the battery life of your Pulsar vape.

5. How to Use a Pulsar Vaporizer

You’ll find a specific set of instructions with your vape that will go over operation, including how to turn on/off and heat. However, there are some similar actions that are common across almost all vaporizers. Most vapes turn on/off by rapidly clicking the power button 5 times. That same button when pressed while on will heat the device and create vapor. Keep in mind, when using a new device or substance, it’s best to start on a lower temperature (or voltage) setting and work your way up to the optimal level for your herb or concentrate.

You’ll want to load all vapes in the same way, with loosely packed with ground dry herbs or a small amount of concentrate. Keeping your vape regularly cleaned and maintained will greatly extend the life of the device. Wipe the outside of device and keep mouthpiece clear of residue and debris. You should also do a deep cleaning of the inner components regularly with alcohol wipes and brushes, generally once a week depending on the frequency of use.

You can use Pulsar glass accessories to improve the vaping experience. Pulsar glass is of high quality and will not break easily, however, always be careful when attaching and removing!

6. What is the Pulsar Vape Battery Quality Like?

The Pulsar vape company is a reputable brand and Pulsar products are trusted by many consumers. The company is known to use quality vape batteries whether we are talking about the Pulsar dry herb vaporizer, dab pen, or any other option. Even the Pulsar cart battery is known to last longer than one would expect. In our opinion, the Pulsar battery quality is on par with many of the popular, quality vape brands in the industry.