What is Weedmaps

Weedmaps is a website that specializes in helping medical marijuana patients locate and learn about local head shops, dispensaries and other related businesses. The website allows you to search under a number of criteria. You can browse or search by specific brands of medical marijuana that you have grown to enjoy, you can search or browse specific businesses in your local area, and you can browse by product type.

In addition to business, brand, and product searches, you can find general informative posts on the website as well deals for specific brands or products, if any are available. You can learn about the different ways to consume medical marijuana and keep up to date with the latest news related to the industry. You can even find doctors that are able to recommend a medical marijuana license.

Though the website is easily accessible, they also offer an app for mobile use. When possible, the app is the better choice for use as it receives the most frequent updates.

If you live in an area where medical marijuana is available and legal, Weedmaps is a fantastic informative resource to help you get the exact product you want.


What can you find on Weedmaps?

Weedmaps offers a treasure trove of information in regard to any and all things medical marijuana related. Below are some of the key offerings you can find through their app or website.


As its name implies, providing maps to different dispensaries is Weedmaps primary function. It allows you to search for storefronts, stores that allow online ordering, and stores that deliver. They provide the hours of operation of your local dispensaries and show available doctors that can offer recommendations for medical marijuana licenses.


On the maps, one of the first things you will notice are dispensaries. They will show as a marijuana leaf on the map. If the store offers online ordering, you will see an orange shopping cart next to the leaf. At first glance, you will see the name of the dispensary, their hours of operation, as well as their rating. Once you click on a dispensary, you will be able to see more detailed information, including an about us description and a menu of available products.


Aside from retail stores, you can also search for doctors. On the map, they will show up as a stethoscope. As with retail stores, you see the name of their practice, their customer ratings, and the hours they are open for business. Once you click on your chosen practice, you will see a short description of their practice and related medical marijuana services they offer.

Delivery Services:

As mentioned, the map will also indicate whether or not a specific retail store offers delivery services. If a store does offer delivery services, you will see an orange car icon indicating so. The delivery service will generally apply to their entire product line, though where they are able to deliver depends on the legal status of medical marijuana in your specific location. Generally, you will find the most delivery options in places where recreational marijuana is available.

Products of All Sorts:

It does not take much time to realize the availability of a wide range of products from even a medical marijuana dispensary. It is not uncommon to find THC oil vapes, edibles, and marijuana in multiple strains. If a business appears on Weedmaps, they will generally have an online menu of products you can review.


Aside from available products, if a listed business is running any kind of special deal, it will be listed on Weedmaps. Deals can include limited-time only deals or weekly reoccurring deals. If you are looking to get medical marijuana at a discount, this an easy way to do it.

Informative Posts:

Aside from business listings, doctor directories, and product menus, you can find a wide array of informative articles on Weedmaps. Articles can range from going more in-depth about a particular product or business, as well as educational articles. If you like to keep up to date with the most current news regarding medical marijuana, the news tab on the site will be quite beneficial. It will include stories about recent research, marijuana in politics, and more. How about the lingo? Checkout the Vape Shop Dictionary for explanations and meanings of all things vape and cannabis!

Social Media:

Finally, Weedmaps will also direct you to their various social media accounts. Social media is another great source to be able to keep an eye on new information and special posts that Weedmaps may put special emphasis on.


How to Use Weedmaps

Using Weedmaps is extremely straightforward. Once you have navigated to the website (or once you download their app - highly recommended), you will be prompted to allow location access. Once that is done, Weedmaps automatically pulls up the closest medical marijuana dispensaries to you and displays them on a feed on the homepage.

If you are wanting to search with their map, all you need to do is hit the maps tab. This pulls up your location on a map and several filters for what you specifically want to search for. You can use the filters to search for storefronts, doctors, online ordering and more. Once you click on a dispensary or doctor, the easy to use website does a great job of allowing you to browse information and products. The function of Weedmaps is very user-friendly.

Can I Buy Things on Weedmaps?

No. Think of Weedmaps as an informational hub where you can search and find different stores or doctors. Like a phonebook for medical marijuana. If a store allows for online ordering, Weedmaps does allow you to reserve products through its site, but the actual sales process will need to be done directly with the retailer. If you want to shop solely online, come browse vapes, smoking pipes and more!


How to Get on Weedmaps

Want to register as a user? Setting up an account on Weedmaps is completely free and can be done through the website or the app. A registered account allows you to save favorites, location information, and other bits of data.

If you are a dispensary or medical marijuana brand, being listed on Weedmaps is also free! Simply fill out an online form and they will help get you posted on their directory.

Weedmaps Competitors

There are dozens of other sites that offer services similar to Weedmaps. Popular examples include Leafly, Medical Jane, and High Times. The aforementioned directories also offer listing free of charge, though the specific features or services available will differ. Other sites also charge for listings but may offer other benefits or features that are helpful to both user and consumer. If Weedmaps does not feel great for you to use, there are many other alternatives that you can consider.