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2 Piece Bong with Ice Catcher - 14 inch

Really cool bong piece for smoking. Easy to use and clean, plus impossible to break, this water pipe bong will last a lifetime. 14 inches tall but breaks in half for portability.
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  • Product Details

    Silicone Bong Listing Includes

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    • 2-Piece Silicone Water Bong
    • Downstem Slide Piece
    • choice of options

    2 Piece Bong Details

    • WILL NEVER BREAK - Lasts a Lifetime
    • Separates and connects in seconds to smoke or easily clean
    • Made from food grade, high heat resistant silicone
    • Bong Height when connected - 14 inches
    • Tube Diameter - 1-3/8 inches
    • Base Diameter - 4.5 inches
    • Depth Until Ice Catcher is reached - 4.5 inches

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    • User Manual

      Advantages of Using a 2 Piece Bong

      Easy Cleaning The average bong involves some sort of tubular structure in which smoke travels through. Even a straight tube can be tough to clean, especially without the proper tools. The 2 piece bong takes away a lot of the hassle to make everywhere much easier to reach. Furthermore, the silicone is naturally non stick to begin with, and it is dishwasher safe if you want to go there! Portable, Travel Convenient This cool water bong breaks down into two pieces to adjust and fit into more spaces than the average piece. Plus the silicone means that the product is malleable and can bend or squeeze to fit somewhere. With glass bongs, breakage needs to be accounted for the piece needs to be packed in a protected manner, but not silicone, it can be tossed in a bag with bricks.

      How to Use a 2 Piece Bong

      Fortunately this bong is just like most others. There is a slide piece that goes into the bong, and into that slide piece goes a bowl piece. Once the bowl is in place, use a grinder to grind some herbs, then pack the bowl, light it, and smoke. Of course this is a 2 piece bong that needs to be assembled first. Simply push and twist the top of the bong down onto the bottom piece. Do not worry, it is near impossible to damage the bong while doing this, so use whatever force necessary, although not too much should be needed - however the 2 pieces do fit snug so they will not separate easily or on there own at all.