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Atmos Vicod Mouthpiece Replacements

This set of mouthpiece replacements will clip onto the top of your vape so you can continue vaping in style. The shape optimizes vapor flow and a stainless steel screen filters the vapor to keep out unwanted herb particles.
Vape Mouthpiece Options
3 Pack

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  • Product Details

    Vape Parts Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature plus Worldwide Shipping Available
    • 3 vape mouthpiece replacements - for use with various vaporizer brands

    Vape Mouthpiece Details

    • Compatible with Atmos Vicod, Airistech Viva plus More!
    • Each mouthpiece includes a mesh filter screen and metal screw part to keep it in place  The screen will help to prevent the inhalation of small herb particles
    • Material  hard-form plastic

    See the tabs below for more information about these vape mouthpiece replacements

    • User Manual

      How to Clean the Atmos Vicod Mouthpiece and Screen

      Step 1 - Get Cleaning Supplies Get some sort of cleaning solution, either 420 Cleaner or even rubbing alcohol will work. Second, you will need a resealable ziplock bag at best, or at least a shallow bowl or cup of some kind. Step 2 - Dismantle Mouthpiece and Soak Unscrew the metal piece on the inside of the mouthpiece and subsequently remove the filter screen. Place both in the ziplock bag or shallow cup. Fill the bag/cup with cleaning solution so that most of the product is soaking - the screen is the most important to get completely clean. Step 3 - Manually Clean Shake and manually scrub the parts to help remove the resin and herb particle build up. The manual labor will help speed up the cleaning process. Step 4 - Repeat or Move on to Rinse Continue to scrub if needed, add more or replace the cleaner if you feel necessary, but once satisfied, rinse all of the vape mouthpiece components under warm water to help wash away any last particles as well as all cleaning solutions. Step 5 - Dry & Use After a thorough clean and rise, let the mouthpiece parts completely dry, then reattach the filter screen and metal screw part. Pack the heating chamber with some freshly ground herbs, attach the mouthpiece, and start vaping!