Handling a Hot Vape Mouthpiece - Tips & Tricks

A Hot Vape Mouthpiece can occur whether using a Wax Pen, Oil Vape or a Dry Herb Vaporizer. This is a natural side effect of heat transfer and there are many ways to protect yourself from a hot vape mouthpiece. Read this post for the best advice on this topic.

by: Mathew H. | 08/23/19 1:30PM


Why Does a Vape Mouthpiece Get Hot?

When you vape, your heating coil heats up to vaporize the given product you are vaping. As that coil heats the product, it will invariably transfer the heat to other parts of the pen. Even for high-end pens that are well insulated, this will inevitably happen. During extended vape sessions, heat from the heating chamber will gradually transfer heat further and further away, and this includes the vape mouthpiece. How quickly this occurs will depend on exactly how close the mouthpiece is to the heating chamber, what vape model is being used, the length of the vape session, plus other small variables such as air temperature and more.


Can You Avoid a Hot Vape Mouthpiece?

There are some models of vape pens that are specifically designed to mitigate the transfer of heating from beyond the heating chamber. However, most vape pens, especially during extended vaping sessions, can end up with a hot mouthpiece. This is not due to a defect in the pen, it is simply the science of heat transfer at work. However, even if your pen is not specifically made to prevent heat transfer, there are a few things you can do to help minimize this process, regardless of the pen you have.


How to Protect Yourself from the Heat

Vape Mouthpiece Covers

Vape mouthpiece covers are usually made from silicone and slip over the built-in mouthpiece of your vape. Silicone does a good job of mitigating heat transfer, so silicone slipcovers are a great way to protect yourself from a hot mouthpiece.

Vape Mouthpiece Extensions

These are silicone and are similar to mouthpiece covers, except they add extra distance between the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Not only will the silicone help protect from the heat, but the added distance from the heating chamber will make it much more difficult for heat to be transferred. The combination of their length and material means you will get all the protection you need from the heat, guaranteed!


Replacement Mouthpiece

Simply having a second vape mouthpiece on hand can be an easy solution for you. It takes time for a mouthpiece to heat up. When that happens, simply switch to a different, cooler mouthpiece and continue vaping. This is a great solution if your particular pen takes a while to make the mouthpiece uncomfortable. However, if you find that the mouthpiece heats quickly, you may want to look at a sleeve or extension to help mitigate the heat.

Efficient Vape Sessions

It is easy to forget that your little vape pen can be cooking at 400F degrees (or higher!). Managing when the pen is pumping power and when it is given time to rest can help mitigate overheating quite easily. Simply turning the vape pen off between puffs can help the pen stay at a cool, comfortable temperature. This is also a good technique for extending battery life, too. This will be more challenging when using dry herb vape pens, as they tend to hold their heat more than wax pens or oil pens.


Cooler Environments

This is probably the least practical solution on this list, but it is still something to keep in mind. Vaping in the sun or when it is super-hot out will cause your vape pen to heat up considerably faster than if you were out vaping in the snow. If you know your pen has a hard time staying cool, just vaping in the shade an air conditioned room can help keep your mouthpiece at a more comfortable temperature.


Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Wax and Oil Vapes -- Hot Mouthpiece Comparison

All vape pens are susceptible to getting hot mouthpieces. However, dry herb vapes are considerably more vulnerable than wax or oil type pens. When wax and oil pens heat up, they are heating a coil that has direct contact with either the oil and wax. While the heat can definitely still be transferred, there is less surface area that is being actively heated at once, making transferring heat to the mouthpiece a slower process. Also, for wax and oil, you are only actively heating the coil when the power button is pressed. It is not a continuous heat process like what happens with dry herb vaporizers. 

Dry herb vape pens (specifically convection type pens) are like miniature ovens. They have ceramic walls that heat up to high temperatures and for longer periods of time. They also will hold heat while just resting, not just when you press the power button to take a hit. All of these factors come together to produce an environment where heat is produced in large quantities and is easily transferred to other parts of the pen.

Where Can I Buy Vape Mouthpiece Sleeves and Extensions?

You can usually find some kind of sleeve or extension in your local head shops and vape shops. Online retailers will usually have a larger inventory from which to choose, including right here at nyvapeshop.com. Not only will we likely have a sleeve or extension that will fit your pen, but we offer FREE U.S.A. shipping with no order minimums!

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