7 Vape-Worthy Movies to watch while Vaping

Looking for some amazing movies to watch with vaping with a new vape pen? Perhaps you want to laugh while ripping that vaporizer. If so, keep on reading for a great movie list!

by: John Winston | 06/06/16 1:30PM



#1. The Big Lebowski

What can be said about Lebowski that hasn’t already been said? It tops the list of most stoner-movie rankings -- as it should -- chronicling the trials and tribulations of its protagonist, Jeffrey Lebowski (aka “The Dude”) as he tries to retrieve his rug that was stolen. Though vapes did not make an appearance in the film -- they had yet to be invented in the early ‘90s -- we have no doubt that The Dude would love to vape. And that’s without the occasional acid flashback.



#2 The Breakfast Club

Almost everyone can relate to the coming-of-age tale of six high school students stuck in weekend detention. The students begin as social strangers from one another, and over the course of the morning and afternoon begin to coalesce. (Herb definitely lends a hand.) Go buy a portable vaporizer and check this one out, or we’re crackin’ skulls.


#3. Reefer Madness

Who says paranoid and demagogic propaganda can’t be outright hilarious? This 1930s film warning against the dangers of herb-smoking -- that it will lead to insanity, sinful sex, and murder -- became a latter-day classic upon being ‘rediscovered’ in the 1970s by those in the pro-herb movement. If it’s not the most unintentionally-hilarious film of all time, then we probably don’t want to know what is.


#4 Clerks

No one does stonerdom justice quite like Jay & Silent Bob. This black-and-white vehicle for the comedy duo, the first of many films in which the two were to costar, follows the deluded duo and other store clerks as they just try to get through a particular day. Anyone remotely in tune with the stoner movie genre will be familiar with this one.


#5 Zombieland

Zombie movies and TV shows tend to hew to the horror genre more than comedy; that being said, Zombieland is one of the only films to take the terrifying thought of the zombie apocalypse and make it absolutely hilarious. If you find appealing the thought of Woody Harrelson aiming a shotgun at inept and unsuspecting zombies while tossing off ridiculous one-liners --”It’s time to nut up or shut up”-- then this one is definitely for you to watch, portable wax vaporizers in hand.


#6 Dazed and Confused

This 1993 cult classic is ranked highly on most lists of stoner movies, not least because it features the film debut of a little-known actor named Matthew McConaughey. The coming-of-age tale in 1970s-era Texas is perfect for anyone who felt slightly out-of-place in high school -- which should mean pretty much everyone -- and for those who indulged in their fair amount of doobage. Grab your vape pen, dab tools, whatever else and settle in for this one.



#7 There’s Something About Mary

Anyone compiling a list such as this could cherry-pick any Farrelly brothers movie (Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Me Myself and Irene), but There's Something About Mary remains the directing pair’s masterpiece. It follows the story of Ted (Ben Stiller), a writer who remains in love with his high school crush (Cameron Diaz) and attempts to track her down. It’s usually billed as one of the funniest films of all time, not least because of one unfortunate scene involving a high-functioning zipper and Ted’s “frank and beans.” Make sure to have your vape parts, the vape charged, and then saddle up and get to watching.

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