African Rosewood Dugout Pipe Review

Dugout pipes have been around for a long time and they are slowly gaining popularity, especially among new users. In fact, dugout pipes are quite old in their concept and make for very convenient travel pieces. No other type of pipe combination is more convenient and practical than that of the dugout style. In this article, we will be going over one the most practical and top-tier dugout pieces on the market.

by: Anthony E. | 12/19/22 2:30PM


Features of the African Rosewood Dugout Pipe

The African Rosewood Dugout Pipe is hand-crafted in the USA and is made entirely out of real African rosewood. The pipe that accommodates the dugout is a one-hitter piece and is made entirely of ceramic. The ceramic one hitter is great for a clean hit without any metal aftertaste. This dugout is made to house your pipe before and after usage and is also made to hold your dry herbs.

With the Rosewood dugout pifpe, a user has a complete travel kit that is convenient and practical. The box itself measures 4 inches tall, 1 and 7/8 inches wide, and 5/8 inches in depth, making it ideal for traveling inside a purse or pocket without being too bulky or conspicuous. Being made entirely out of hard, durable rosewood gives this dugout a natural and hardy look.

The dugout can even have somewhat of a vintage feel to it, and can complement many styles and backgrounds without being too niche. The rosewood itself will not taint or give off any smells or flavors on your dry herb material and is great at protecting the ceramic piece housed inside its compartment. The African Rosewood Dugout Pipe is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one stealth kit.


How to Use the African Rosewood Dugout Pipe

The first thing you want to do is ensure that you are starting out with high-quality dry herbs. Since this dugout is made for travel, you want to fill in the compartment with dry herbs that have been grounded up. This will prevent particulate matter from sticking to the wood over time and will make it easier to maintain.

Because the unit is so small to begin with, it is perfect for traveling inside a purse or pocket. While you can choose to have ground up herbs inside the dugout, the option of having it come this way will also eliminate the need for a grinder, since the pipe in the dugout is a one-hitter and you will not need to be carrying a lot of accessories with the dugout.

Load up your ceramic one-hitter and simply take your hit when you are ready. This means you will likely clear out the bowl in one hit, maybe two hits. After that, you can empty the ash and place the piece right back into the dugout for storage. You can simply reload and store the unit back inside the dugout until you run out of dry herbs.


Maintaining Your African Rosewood Dugout Pipe

As previously mentioned, you can carry your dry herbs inside the dugout either whole or ground up, though carrying around ground herbs is ideal. Care should also be taken to maintain the integrity of the pipe itself, which is made of ceramic.

So long as you do not bang or drop the ceramic piece, there should be no risk of having it break. One-hitters are not usually passed around as they cannot accommodate usually more than one smoker, making accidents less likely with this piece. It should be noted that if you ever happen to get the inside (or outside) compartment of your dugout dirty, you should never wet it.

Wetting the wood technically can weaken it and possibly warp or make it brittle over time. This can also potentially discolor the rosewood and make it less attractive. Simply wipe down the inside or outside with a dry microfiber cloth, and cotton and other materials can potentially scratch off on the wood.

Is the African Rosewood Dugout Pipe Right for Me?

What makes this dugout exceptionally good is the fact that the pipe itself is shaped and colored to resemble a cigarette from a distance. You can simply light it up the way you would a normal cigarette without the fear of it looking like anything else. Once your hit is taken you can simply stash your piece back in the dugout and go about your business.

Being made of ceramic allows the user to take their hit without any metallic aftertaste or any additional chemicals ruining the flavor. Because one-hitters are so small and short, being made of ceramic will make it heat up during long smoke sessions. Being able to put it back into this dugout will keep you safe.

The heat can safely disperse inside the dugout and any remaining ash can also fall out of the piece once it has sufficiently cooled down. These are just some of the perks of using a dugout, along with having everything ready to go without carrying your dry herbs separately in a plastic container. The African Rosewood Dugout Pipe is ready when you are!

Final Thoughts

The African Rosewood Dugout Pipe is conveniently priced to reflect the high-quality and hand-crafted build. By simply pushing the top to its side, you can easily gain access to both your pipe and dry herb material. Made in the USA by Keystoned Plus, the African Rosewood Dugout Pipe is backed by a top brand and is sure to last you a very long time.

It is worth repeating to remember that you should never apply anything wet directly onto the wood itself, which includes rubbing alcohol, water, or other chemicals. This will damage the wood and make it less effective at being able to function in holding in your dry herbs and pipe. In any case, the smooth design is resistant to residual buildup and all you really need is a dry cloth to wipe away any debris.

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