Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the Arizer Solo 2 vape pen review. In this post we offer an in-depth look at the vaporizer, the pros, cons, plus everything else it has to offer.

by: Lindsey C. | 11/12/18 2:30PM


The stigma of smoking cigarettes has increasingly grown negative for quite some time. As this negative stigma has become, people have looked to other forms, like vaping, to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and create a better image for others. As a result, vaping is a trend that does not always receive the same negative thoughts or looks. With this increasing vape use, the amount and types of vaporizers themselves have increased as well. New vaporizers continue to pop up on the open market with enhancements and features that are better than their last version.

Next Generation Solo Vaporizer

A perfect example of a vaporizer that has grown from its original version to something better is the Arizer Solo II vaporizer. The Arizer Solo II is a multi-purpose dry herb and aromatherapy vaporizer. It is an easily portable vape that can be handled with the utmost discreteness if needed. Features of the Solo II come together to help produce a diverse airflow that will continue to create a tasty flavor with each draw. Additional enhancements with the vaporizer from its predecessor include a higher battery and performance, as well as a patented hybrid heating feature for your dry herbs or aromatherapy.

Portable Vape for On the Go

This is a vape that you can comfortably use from your home, in public, or anywhere else you desire. Because it comes with a portable pouch, you will not have to feel like you are showing off your vape or you can be as discreet about your vape as possible. We will talk about some of the details of the Solo II below, such as what comes in the Solo II kit, proper cleaning, and handling of the Solo II, tips on how to maximize the most out of your vape, and a more in-depth look into the structure of the Solo II.



What Is In Your Arizer Solo II Kit?

Solo II is a small and portable vaporizer, the kit may not be as big as one would expect. That is not to say it does not provide the necessary items one looks for and needs in a portable vape of this magnitude. When you purchase your Solo II you will discover that the kit includes one micro-heater, one power adapter/charger, two glass aroma tubes (each one at different lengths to suit your needs,) one glass aroma dish, three PVC travel tubes with caps, two silicone stem caps, four stainless steel filter screens, a stirring tool, and aromatic botanicals. As you can read that is a lot in a kit for a little vape.

Why Choose Between Arizer Solo II vs. Anyone Else?

Picking the right vape for you is more than just a decision. Factors related to finance, portability, knowing ahead how frequently you will use the vape, and discreteness all come into play when you are choosing the right kind of vape for you. We understand the decision becomes even harder once you start researching and realize that most vapes out there have options and controls that vary between them. Continued improvements with the vapes also make it a trickier decision. That is why before you get your head caught up in reading about all the specific types of controls and aspects that make each vape unique you should research on the essential functions that you value in a vaporizer. These standard functions include:

  • Heating
  • Temperature Control
  • Portability
  • Battery Life

These are all typically standard features on each small, portable vape. However, each vaporizer will vary concerning what they have put their primary focus on or enhanced from their latest products and models. Below we will explain to you what we consider to be the highlights of the Solo II and why it is the choice to make between any other vape.


Pros of the Arizer Solo

The Solo II, as you might have guessed it, is the latest version from its original, The Arizer Solo. With this newest update, the Solo II has put a heavier emphasis on its power capabilities as well as producing a better flow and taste with each vape. These reasons are primarily why the Solo II continues to receive top marks and reviews from users and critics alike. The power of the Solo II is longer and higher than the original Solo. Users of the vape can now relax easily knowing they will get a lot out of each charge. Additionally, the increased vape battery power of the Solo II means the vape heats up three times quicker than before. Those are features that are top-notch, to begin with, but once you add in the improved borosilicate glass tubes and you have yourself a top of the line vape.


How to Use the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Even though it is smaller in stature compared to other Arizer vaporizers, like the Extreme Q or V-Tower, use of the Solo II can still be a bit intimidating when you first use it. However, you should know that in reality, the vape is quite simple to use. Once you follow our step-by-step instructions below, you will soon feel comfortable and confident each time you bring it out to use. Here is the step-by-step list on how to properly use your Solo II vaporizer.

  • Loading the Solo II is the first step in using the vape. This is a dry herb and aromatherapy vaporizer, which means you will pack your products into the glass tube or dish. Make sure you are using an herb grinder to mince the herbs before loading.
  • After you have loaded your tube or dish, you will want to tamp your herbs down until they are below the edge of the dish or tube. If you can, try not to let them touch the bottom of the oven though. Otherwise, the flavors might be negatively enhanced.
  • The next step is loading the stem, where you will draw from, into the Solo II. If you like a wispier hit, place the loaded stem after the Solo II is heated. If you want bigger clouds when you draw, put the stem while the Solo II is heating up.
  • At this point, the Solo II’s air flow has opened up, a feature that is better than the original. The key is all in how you have packed it. Packing less means you will have free-flowing draws.
  • You might want to stir your herbs around slightly to get all the flavors out with each draw. However, if you are stirring during each session, you might want to pack fewer herbs and not as tightly as before.
  • The last step is to keep the vape and tubes clean. Blow out the dish and the herbs and level as to prevent them from cooking any longer (and making it harder to clean later on!)


Tips About the Arizer Solo II

In today’s market, many vapes out there will include features for the best vape temperature control, portable power adapters, and increased heating times. After reading these, you might think to yourself “What makes the Solo II different from all the others?” The truth is, quite a bit makes it different from any other vape on the market.

The Solo II’s features, which overall have improved from the original Solo, include elements that will you not find with any other portable vape on the market. The enhanced battery allowing users to use their vape even longer than before without having to charge it and the borosilicate glass tubes are subtle features that make all the difference in producing a powerful and tasty vapor experience. After all, that is what matters the most when using a dry herb vaporizer. Moreover, if you find yourself in a position that you need to replace spare parts or would like to add on, you can turn to head shops to purchase anything that you would need.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Arizer Solo II

Cleaning and maintaining the Solo II will take as little as three steps after each use. Following these three steps will mean all the difference between each session when you decide to use the vaporizer again. It is best after every session or so to clean the stems by soaking them then isopropyl alcohol for one to two hours. Doing so will remove all the excess herbs and oils that were left behind from the burn. While your tubes are being cleaned, you can swab down the oven with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol as well. Make sure to hold the unit upside down when you are swiping to prevent the alcohol from dripping into the oven and unit itself. The last step is to burn the alcohol off from your swabs. It will most likely have dried away, but it can still leave a taste if you do not burn it off before use. Just turn your Solo II heat all the way and let it heat up until it auto-shuts off. This will help burn the smell away. Just know, that no matter what happens, we have replacement vape parts available for your Solo II. If you have lost a tube, a screen filter, or need more products, we have you covered.


Is the Arizer Solo II the vaporizer for me?

Choosing the right vaporizer can be a scary decision. You may feel overwhelmed after you have done your research and you see how many different kinds and types of vapes there are in the market. With each one including features and technological enhancements, you might be thinking “What makes this vape different and better from this other vape?” Before you get caught up too heavily in the features and enhancements, you should take some time to think about what you are specifically looking for in a vape and how much you are willing to spend on one. These two, simple choices, will help you out a lot when choosing the right kind of vaporizer. However, if you do decide to purchase the Solo II, you will appreciate and enjoy the purchase. The small, portable, and powerful vape will produce tasty draws and flavors with each use. It may look simplistic on the outside, but it is high-tech and top-notch where it matters most.

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