Arizer ArGo Review - Full ArGo Analysis

If you are in the market for a dry herb vaporizer then you should read Arizer ArGo Review to get an in-depth look at this Dry Herb Vaporizer, it's features and why it's an upgrade from the company's previous models.

by: Destiny V. | 01/08/20 2:30PM


About the Arizer ArGo Vape

The Arizer company heard the calls of their customers. The business originally fell short with some of their portable vaporizers as they were not that popular. But the creation of the highly portable ArGo fixed the problem. The glass mouthpiece clicks inside of the ArGo to reduce mouthpiece breakage. Also, the tiny size makes the ArGo one of Arizer’s most mobile vapes.


The Arizer Argo is a vaporizer that combines mobility with power. The device fits easily in any pocket or purse. The vaporizer is small enough to fit into your palm. The Arizer company spent many years perfecting the design through previous models. It packs many great features such as keeping multiple charged batteries which allows dozens of daily, on-the-go sessions. They prioritized ease-of-use for portable vaporizer fans.

What Is in the Arizer ArGo Vape Kit?

What Is in the Arizer ArGo Vape Kit?

This Dry Herb Vaporizer vape kit comes with a few features and accessories. The portable micro-heater automatically heats the dry herb in over a minute.

The extra glass aroma tube protects the flavor of your dry herb in case the first one breaks. The ArGo also comes with a belt clip for on-the-go use and a stirring tool for even packing.

On top of that, the Arizer company gives its customers a two-year warranty. The heating element has lifetime coverage, so any breakage is accounted for. The glass stems are not covered by the warranty, but they are easy to replace.

The Arizer ArGo dry herb vaporizer is compatible with tons of vaping accessories. Some of the best accessories include high-quality herb grinders and gentle cleaners. Finely ground herb and consistent cleaning keep your ArGo healthy for long-term use. To find the best accessories for your ArGo vape, visit the NY Vape Shop Online Vape Shop and browse the diverse selection.


Arizer ArGo Top Attributes

Most Arizer ArGo customers are happy and long-time users. They enjoy a two-year warranty with enthusiasm. A lot of customers are fine with replacing the glass mouthpiece. They are known to break easily in all models, and they are fairly cheap.

Alongside its incredibly portable nature, the ArGo’s top attributes include its chargeable batteries and display screen. The batteries are easy to swap out so you don’t have to rely on only 1 battery source. Carrying around some extras makes it easier to have multiple sessions without hooking it up to a charger.

Charge the battery inside of the vape or use the special external charger. The ArGo also charges with a USB, so extra batteries are not completely necessary.

The ArGo Is Completely Portable

The ArGo Is Completely Portable

The palm-sized vaping unit is tiny and discreet. It fits comfortably in the included belt loop, or will easily fit into a pocket or purse. The glass stem does not have to be carried separately. Instead, you slide the glass stem inside of the ArGo after each session. This limits breakage from any accidents, and it makes the portable vape even more convenient.

The battery lasts for an insane amount of time. The battery is removable and rechargeable. The battery takes about three hours to recharge, and each session lasts for about an hour. Keeping multiple batteries means hour-long sessions without any recharge breaks.

Also Comes with a Handy Display Screen

Also Comes with a Handy Display Screen

The display screen comes with full temperature control and battery life. Control the temperature from 122 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This range fits hybrid vaporizers with great efficiency. Full control of your vaping experience is the Arizer company’s goal with the ArGo.

The ArGo also comes with a heat-up indicator and a session timer. Heat-up takes a full minute and a half. This makes it good for longer sessions, but quick hits are out of the question. There are three simple buttons to control the ArGo’s wide range of options. The buttons take a bit of experimenting, but the overall process is intuitive. Once you get it, it sticks.

A Hybrid Heating Chamber

The hybrid heating chamber makes saving money on herbs easy. Convection heating heats and cools the herb almost instantly. The quick cooldown saves the herb by keeping it from burning. The combination of ceramic, glass and stainless steel is the most efficient way to heat dry herb.

Each session lasts for over an hour, and bringing any pre-charged batteries extends that time. The ArGo’s glass stem reaches inside of the chamber, quickly cooling the dry herb after each hit. The cooler temperature stabilizes the inside of the chamber to avoid burning any excess herb.

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

Vaping enthusiasts describe the Arizer ArGo as pleasant and surprising. This vape does an excellent job of saving the flavor and power. For being so compact, it works better than most vapes of a similar size.

The glass mouthpiece in the ArGo protects the flavor of the dry herb. The high range of heat fits any preference. Lower heat settings burn less herb, and higher vaping temperatures make for stronger hits. The Arizer ArGo is one of the best tasting and powerful compact vapes.

Taking advantage of the quick cooldown reduced any burns in your dry herb. This method saves herbs, and it protects the flavor. Lower temperature settings seal the ArGo’s flavor protection. Say goodbye to any bad burnt taste. The luxury pricing gives vaping enthusiasts a true, luxury portable vape.

What Is the Size of the Arizer ArGo?

What Is the Size of the Arizer ArGo?

The ArGo Dry Herb Vaporizer is incredibly compact. It is only three inches high and two inches wide. The small size makes it discreet and easy to transport. This is one of the smallest dry herb vaporizers in the industry. Vaping enthusiasts in need of a portable vape find the ArGo to be incredibly useful.

How to Use the Arizer ArGo

How to Use the Arizer ArGo

Pack your herb into the bottom of the ArGo’s glass stem. A light pack is all you need. Once you are finished, slide the glass stem into the top of the ArGo. Turn the vaporizer on with the power button. Pick your temperature and wait a minute and a half for it to heat up.

Once it heats up, enjoy some high-quality hits. If your battery goes dead, then having an extra pre-charged battery works for on-the-go use.

The glass stem slides into ArGo easily. You do not have to remove the glass stem to transport the ArGo. This sets it apart from other Arizer models and makes the ArGo easier to transport. Slide the glass stem into the vape to keep it from breaking so that you can enjoy the convenience of Arizer’s most portable dry herb vaporizer.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Arizer ArGo Vape

Maintaining and Cleaning the Arizer ArGo Vape

The narrow mouthpiece makes the Arizer ArGo harder to clean. Higher temperature settings do a great job of burning away debris. Use good packing habits for an even burn and keeping excess herb from clogging the chamber.

Finely grind the herb before each use to keep debris to a minimum. Go over the heating chamber and mouthpiece with a q-tip every so often to keep everything neat.

Special cleaning accessories exist for all types of vapes. The Arizer ArGo is best with some consistent maintenance to keep the vape healthy. Rather than replacing a damaged vape, be sure to keep up with the maintenance.

How the Arizer ArGo Compares to Other Vapes

How the Arizer ArGo Compares to Other Vapes

The Arizer ArGo is an excellent option for portable vape lovers. The tiny design makes it easy to carry around. On top of that, it packs a powerful punch with each hit. Dry herb lovers love the efficiency of the ArGo. Despite the luxury pricing, the ArGo works well for saving money on the dry herb in the long-term.

Compared to similar vapes, the ArGo is powerful. It maintains the quality of your dry herb with each session. This keeps vaping enthusiasts from having to constantly repack the vaporizer. By keeping the herb from burning, the ArGo beats other vapes in long-term quality.

Do not worry about a burning mouthpiece with the ArGo. With such high heat, you expect the glass mouthpiece to heat up easily. However, the convection oven and multiple materials in the heating chamber give it an efficient cooldown. This keeps the glass mouthpiece from burning during extended sessions.

People who prefer quick hits may not enjoy the Arizer ArGo. The vaporizer works better for extended sessions in an outdoor setting. Some may argue that waiting a minute for a good session is not a big deal. It depends on the preference of the individual vaping enthusiast.

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