Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review

Read the Arizer Air 2 review for an in depth look at this top quality, dry herb vaporizer. Easy to read and we cover all the essentials.

by: Lindsey C. | 09/17/18 1:30PM


What was once initially considered a bad habit in the eyes of the public has begun to change. Vaping was first thought of as just a new age, “futuristic” form of smoking, but smoking nonetheless. However, as more time has gone on, and people have begun to understand more, the perception of vaping has changed. It is becoming viewed no longer as a nasty habit but rather just a part of mainstream society.

More Advanced Vaporizer

This change in perception has led companies, like Arizer, to create state-of-the-art vapes that evolve as technology and society grows. One such example of this is the Arizer Air II vaporizer. The Air II, similar to the Solo II, is a multi-purpose dry herb vaporizer and aromatherapy vaporizer. It is very portable and can be used discreetly if one chooses to. Aspects about the Air II create a vape that releases a pure, tasteful draw with each session. Further improvements with the Air II are a more powerful battery, a hybrid heating system, and isolated air paths for your dry herbs and aromatherapy.

Because of how small the vaporizer is, it can be used comfortably out in public in a discreet manner. It also includes a comfortable and secure pouch with many pockets to hold your vape and contents. So once you have finished your session, you can stow it knowing that your vape will be comfortably and discreetly secure. This is just one, a small feature of many that are included with the Air II. More features on the Air II, like proper maintenance, the internal structure of the vape, and how to clean it after each session, will be listed for you below.



What Is In Your Arizer Air II Kit?

The Arizer Vape Company know that having the vape tools and resources to get the most out of your vape is a necessity. That is why one big selling point for any new vaporizer is the kit that comes with the vape. In the case of the Air II, the kit makes a great compliment. With the Air II, buyers will receive one micro-heater, one USB charger/power adapter, one battery, two glass tubes (one is a plain glass tube, and the other is an aroma glass tube,) one glass aroma dish, three PVC travel tubes with caps, two silicone stem caps, four stainless steel filter screens, a stirring tool, and some sample aromatic botanicals.

Why Choose Between the Arizer Air II vs. Something else?

Choosing the right vaporizer is important. You want to decide on a vape that you will love, use frequently, and will maximize all of its potentials to get the most out of your purchase. With that said, we know a decision of this magnitude is not always an easy one for you. Especially when you learn that many companies vaporizers evolve and produce upgraded versions, you do not want to make a choice and then have regrets later when an updated version comes along. Just remember, that no matter what improvements come together on a vape, standard features will rarely change. These features include some of the following:

  • Heating style
  • Ability to control the temperature
  • Power capabilities
  • Portable or not

These functions are pretty much universal across all vaporizers on the market. The differences in them depend on the vapes themselves. We have explained below what the pros of the Air II are and why it should be the vape of choice.

Pros of the Arizer Air II

The Air II is the 2.0 version of the original Air vape. The Air II is a vape that has put a stronger emphasis on its power capabilities, airflow purity, and durability. The battery of the Air II is 50% higher with its heat-up than the original Air. Users will not have to worry though about the battery running out. Another improved feature is the hybrid heating system. The hybrid heating system uses an isolated airpath and etch-heating chamber to create the purest and thickest vapor.


How to Use the Arizer Air II Vaporizer

Despite the latest developments with the vape, using the Air II is very simple. Arizer wanted to design and manufacture a vape that was easy and efficient to use for everyone. Once you have read our step-by-step instructions on proper use, you will feel the same way.

1. The first thing you need to do is charge your Air II. Once you have a fully charged battery, you should do a burn-off to make sure no residue was left from the manufacturing plant.

2. It would be best if you then ground your herbs to a medium consistency. Make sure the chunks are large enough not to get sucked through extraction.

3. Next, load the Air II. You want to use the stem’s end to scoop up and loose ground herbs and pack them down lightly with your finger into the dry herb vaporizer.

  • Once it is loaded, you will want to tamp down the pack. Tamping will create the best taste for your vape. Make sure when you tamp it down that there is a space about a millimeter between the herbs and bottom edge of the stem.
  • At this point, you are ready to fine-tune the packing just a bit to get the desired clouds you want. Pack lightly, and a big pull will produce great clouds.
  • Choosing the temperature for your Air II is an essential step when utilizing your vape. Anything below 370 degrees Fahrenheit will give an extremely tasty, lighter cloud vape. Closer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit will produce more massive clouds, but the taste will fade quicker.
  • Once you have finished your session, it is time to clean up. Empty the stem and brush or blow on it and the oven while they are still warm.


Tips About the Arizer Air II

The owner’s manual is an excellent resource to learn about your Air II, but it will not always mention critical tips on how to get the most out of your vaporizer. It might explain how to use the precise temperature control, but it will not specify what is the best temperature to get the most out of your vape.

That is why we have listed a few additional tips about Arizer Air II. Some of the features included will make all the difference in getting the most out of your vape. The vape battery, for example, creates a 50% faster warm-up time than the original Air. This faster warm-up times means you can reach the ideal temperature you want in a shorter time frame and thus be able to use your vape even more than before. The hybrid heating system creates pure and tasteful airflows with each vape. Users will also be able to relax knowing the Air II is a durable vape, backed by a 2-year warranty from Arizer. After all, that is what matters the most when using a vape.


Cleaning and Maintenance of the Arizer Air II

Cleaning the Arizer Air II requires just three simple things: cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and soapy hot water. When you do clean your vape, you should start with the oven of the Air II. Bits of vaped herb will accumulate in the oven after each session. It is essential to swab your oven, with the unit facing down, and then do a burnoff to remove any of the alcohol scents from the oven. The next step is to clean the vape mouthpiece. When unscrewing the mouthpiece make sure you keep a close eye on the silicone gasket (it can fall out when removing.) Once removed scrub the mouthpiece and soak it in the hot soapy water. This same hot, soapy water is what you will also use to soak the stems, the last step in the cleaning process.


Is the Arizer Air II the vaporizer for me?

Feeling overwhelmed when searching for a new vape is entirely understandable and reasonable. With so many different features and details that are attached to each vape, you may feel intimidated before making your purchase. This can even be said for the Air II, a top of the line vaporizer, but one that can be daunting to pull the trigger none the less. The listed features and structure of the vape may seem great, but perhaps you still feel like you will be overwhelmed by all its features. Alternatively, maybe you think it is the right vape, but the price is something of a concern for you in your current situation. In the end, choosing the right vape ultimately comes down to what your preference is and your financial situation. Research on what you find essential in a vape will also contribute to your final decision. However, if you do decide the Arizer Air II is the vape for you, the features and details with it will only validify your choice. This high-powered, free-flowing, portable vape will be a staple in your everyday life after its first use.

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