Best Dispensaries in California

California is the nation’s premier hotspot when it comes to cannabis freedom. The first state in America to legalize medical cannabis, California has a solid history of supporting cannabis culture and preserving the sovereignty of those who have used cannabis to heal themselves. Whether for medical or recreational use, cannabis has come a long way since being legalized in California. In this article, we will be going over 10 of California’s best dispensaries, according to Leafly, and what makes them the best in the business.

by: Anthony E. | 04/29/22 1:30PM


5 Best Recreational Dispensaries

Captain Jack’s

Located in San Bernardino, Captain Jack’s is highly rated for its top-shelf selection of premium cannabis goods. Complete with a consumption bar and lounge, Captain Jack’s offers famous brand name vaporizers such as the Volcano and Dr. Dabber Switch. Described as roomy and well-lit, this recreational cannabis dispensary has close to 5 stars for being one of the best dispensaries in all of California.


Hailing from Eureka, HPRC is one of the few dispensaries that realizes the absurdity of high taxes on legal cannabis and makes the effort to provide consumers with regular discounts and special deals. Located in the heartland of cannabis culture, HPRC believes in the healing powers of cannabis, so much so, that they even have products that can be provided to pets to offer relief from a myriad of diseases.


Blue Mountain Collective

A favorite of San Andreas, Blue Mountain Collective offers some of the cheapest prices when it comes to recreational cannabis. This is a plus given the high taxes surrounding the sale of cannabis throughout the state. Being the first dispensary to open its doors in Calaveras County, Blue Mountain Collective caters to both the medical and recreational market. Being more popular towards the recreational demographic has made this one of the most popular dispensaries in California.

Los Angeles Kush

Boasting a solid 5 stars on Leafly reviews, Los Angeles Kush stands out among other dispensaries for its reputation of having more awards and a wide selection of products. Known for giving out exclusive deals to first time customers, LA Kush also offers random specials and giveaways to keep people interested. Like other dispensaries operating in the state, LA Kush caters to both the medical and recreational market.

The Heart of Humboldt

Located in Arcata, The Heart of Humboldt is known for their unique approach to cannabis products by serving the public with staff that are attentive and sincere. Some dispensaries will employ staff who might be aloof to the needs of their customers, which is the opposite of what The Heart of Humboldt believes. Aside from getting 10% off your first order for new customers, they also offer discounts for military members, veterans, teachers, and students.


5 Best Medical Dispensaries

Central Coast Wellness Center

From Ben Lomond, Central Coast Wellness Center caters to the medical community by offering unique and alternative cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and Delta-8 THC, along with terpenes such as myrcene and humulene. Located somewhat remotely, this medical dispensary is well worth the drive since they offer hard to get cannabis products that are not easily found in other medical dispensaries.

Mankind Dispensary

Right in the heart of San Diego, Mankind Dispensary offers customers the opportunity to get up close and personal with your cannabis products prior to making a selection. While most other dispensaries have their product locked up behind the counter, Mankind Dispensary allows you to decide based on how well you favor the look and smell of the cannabis itself. This is especially helpful for medical patients looking to get just the right product.

Satori Wellness

Satori Wellness is in McKinleyville and is the county’s first medical and recreational dispensary. Offering promotional discounts and 15% off first time customers, Satori Wellness specializes in a variety of cannabis products and is one of the best dispensaries in California. Satori is Japanese for “enlightenment” and is rightfully named as an homage to the serene nature that surrounds the use of cannabis in the medical community.


The town of Sun Valley in Los Angeles is home to Exhalence, one of the premier medical dispensaries that is also one of the oldest. Boasting over 1,500 products, Exhalance includes many well-known brand names and boasts one of the largest selections anywhere in the state of California. With a near perfect user score according to Leafly, Exhalence is one of the most popular dispensaries in the state.

Golden State Greens

Located in San Diego, Golden State Greens prides itself on its wide selection and unmatched quality of its cannabis library. A dispensary that also caters to the recreational market, Golden State Greens features a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable. If you ever happen to go across San Diego, make sure you give Golden State Greens a try. No other dispensary has a wider selection of flower.

Final Thoughts

California is the most liberal and progressive when it comes to cannabis use, which makes it the premier hotspot of any cannabis connoisseur. It has been said that the best bud comes from California, and you can trust that California knows how to party. The best part about many medical dispensaries is their ability to also cater to the recreational market with high medicinal quality.

While this is in no way considered to be a comprehensive list, it is a short and concise list of the 5 best dispensaries on either side of the fence. Customers have more options and can pick and choose the best dispensary that meets their criteria. It is common to find both medical and recreational dispensaries throughout the state of California.

When it comes to which dispensary is the best, it really comes down to personal preference and going for something unique to your needs, such as military discount or first-time buyer. Whatever the case may be, it is undeniable that California has some of the best weed, and some of the best dispensaries in the nation.

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