Can You Bring Vape on a Plane

While it is hard for many of us to remember a time when you could smoke on board a long international flight, there used to be a time frame when it was accepted. Nowadays we are reminded right away with clear “NO SMOKING” signs throughout the plane. However, while vaping tends to fall in a similar category as smoking, it is not exactly the same thing. Leading many vapers to wonder what exactly is allowed while traveling with a vape. Can you bring your vaping device on the plane? How do you handle the security checkpoint? To understand what is allowed and what you need to do, keep this helpful information in mind.

by: Aaron B. | 09/19/20 1:30PM


Is it Possible to Carry a Vape on a Plane?

The answer is both yes and no and boils down to how you bring your vape device onto the plane. While yes you can bring your vape on the plane, you cannot put the device into a checked bag. All battery-powered vape devices (including but not limited to: atomizers, e-cigarettes, vape pens, and dry herb vaporizers) are prohibited from being in checked bags and must either be carried in your pocket or carry on. However, the Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) regulations can slightly alter depending upon the specific airline. Therefore, you should always double-check with your specific airline prior to your flight to ensure there are no further restrictions you need to be aware of.

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Can I Vape While on the Plane?

Similar to cigarettes, while passengers are allowed to bring them on the plane, but you are not allowed to use them on the airplane. The laws and restrictions regarding this are very clear, and if you break them there are very hefty consequences. This includes fines of as much as $4000 and even being arrested.

Vaping on an airplane is not worth the risk. Be considerate to your fellow passengers and do not use it until you are at your destination. Airlines take zero chances when it comes to fire or potential problems, so if your vape cloud was mistaken for smoke, it could set off smoke detectors and or cause the plane to instantly change paths for an emergency landing. Plus, the consequences are even worse if they are able to trace the vapor cloud back to a specific individual.

Can I Vape at the Airport?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this, because each and every airport has different rules. Some airports provide select areas for smoking and vaping, while others strictly prohibit any and all smoking and vaping on airport property. Therefore, you should always check with the local laws (especially if you are traveling to another country) and the specific airport guidelines before trying to partake.

What Should I Expect From Airport Security?

Due to the popularity of vaping, going through a security checkpoint with a vaping device and or batteries is a lot less complicated than it used to be. TSA officers are given training on how to handle and inspect these devices, to ensure both you and the other passengers are safe.

To help get through the security checkpoint even faster, remember these helpful tips.

  • Always be respectful and cooperate with the TSA agents.
  • Show your vape device to the employees before putting your things into your tray.
  • Separate your device prior to the security inspection. This includes removing the tank, mouthpiece, etc.
  • Store your extra batteries in a battery carrying case.
  • Carry your vaping device in a carrying case designed specifically for your gear.
  • Keep all your electronics batteries and chargers together.

Keep in mind, the majority of vaping devices (similar to all electronics, like laptops) are considered a basic security threat in the eyes of TSA. While agents will ask you to prove your device is not an explosive, this generally just means they want you to turn the device on to prove how it works. Therefore, you should always keep at least a little bit of a charge to your device to help pass through security.

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Tips for Packing and Traveling With Your Vape

Traveling with your vaping device can have its ups and downs. In a perfect setting, you would be able to bring your device and extra batteries with you, easily go through security, take them with you on the plane, and be able to keep and use your device once you arrive. However, our world is far from the perfect setting, and there can be many hiccups and headaches along the way. To help avoid these frustrations, keep these helpful traveling tips in mind.

  • Check your destination to see if it is legal to vape or carry a vape tank. Different countries have different laws, and no one wants to incur a fine or even jail time over something you could easily avoid by simply checking with the local laws.
  • Make sure to store your batteries properly. The majority of vaping devices tend to use some form of lithium-ion batteries. While this allows them to be powerful, it can also create a potentially dangerous situation if they are not correctly handled or stored.
  • Never try to hide your vaping device. While there is always the possibility of having your vaping device confiscated at a security checkpoint, you should never try to hide it. Hiding anything, especially an electronic device can only result in confusion, trouble, and making you look suspicious.
  • Consider disposable vaping devices. Disposable options are great for traveling. They do not require any type of charger, they are easy to carry around, and if you do have to hand it over, you are not losing any big value item.

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