Do Smoking And Exercising Go Together?

It might not seem like an obvious choice to smoke and exercise, but there are some who argue that dry herb or CBD helps their workout routine. It all depends on what you consume and how you consume it but trying a bowl with your exercise routine might help you go even farther than you thought you could.

by: Amy B. | 03/25/21 1:30PM


Although it sounds counterintuitive, a lot of people are actually combining smoking dry herb and exercising. The stereotype of a smoker does not typically go hand in hand with someone who goes to the gym regularly, but some smokers are finding it to help their workout routine. There are certain terpenes and compounds that are naturally found in dry herb that can help relieve pain and provide uplifting focus. When those two are combined with the right types of exercise, your workout can go even further with the right mindset.

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Is It Healthy to Smoke and Exercise?

Although smoking is not good for your lungs, consuming dry herb or CBD can happen in a variety of ways these days. You can use a vaporizer to lessen the harsh effects on your lungs or take a low dose edible to allow the side effects to creep in slowly during your workout. No matter how you consume it though, the healthiest and safest fashion is to do it in moderation.

Should I Smoke Before or After?

Anecdotal reports have found that some people who consume dry herb before they work out helps provide focus. It can relieve some of the pain of sore muscles and a dose of CBD can help provide full-body relief without the head high.

Smoking dry herb can be the perfect come down from an intense workout and a great way to relieve sore muscles. You’ll want to make sure to drink plenty of water as well, to rehydrate after so much sweating and smoking. It might feel better to ease into an edible after a workout instead and allow yourself to soak in the post-workout shower. Some dry herb with a heavy dose of CBD is especially nice since it is non-psychoactive and will not interfere with your post-workout high.


If you are consuming before your workout you will want to take a low dose so that your body can still function well. Always start low and go slow to feel out the perfect amount to aid your workout and not impede it. Be sure to pick out a strain that helps you focus over one that will make you melt into a puddle on the gym floor. Dry herb can lead to a feeling of having an increased heart rate, and you should keep this in mind when combining it with exercises that also increase your heart rate. Sometimes it helps to consume and cool off a bit before heading into your workout. Consuming CBD before a workout can be especially beneficial if you experience any chronic pain or joint pain. It can preemptively work to relieve your pain so that you can get deeper into your workout without additional strain. Users also claim that their general enjoyment of exercise improves with a touch of CBD or dry herb, and that can’t hurt your stride either.

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Best Exercises to Do After Smoking:

Even if you consume a small amount of dry herb or edibles before a workout, you will probably want to avoid doing the most intense workout of your life. Make sure that you are doing something that you are familiar with so that you have a better idea of how to control your body. It’s also probably not best to do any exercise that you need to be extra alert for or do for long periods of time. There are a few exercises that we have found to go great with a bowl of dry herb though.


One of the most obvious combinations is dry herb and enjoying a good yoga session. Yoga moves at a slower pace, and the addition of CBD might help you focus on practicing meditation more than the pain in your body from holding one position for so long. Dry herb can help mellow you out to the perfect vibe to fit with a healing yoga practice.



Another great choice is to go on a nice long walk after smoking a bowl. Walking is a highly underrated, but still beneficial form of exercise. Taking multiple walks during a day can be especially beneficial for those who work at desks most of the time. And taking a smoke break and an evening stroll can be a great way to unwind and get some exercise in.

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If you are a regular runner, then a little bit of CBD can help you fall into your stride. Running is often a mental battle in itself and CBD will still allow you to have a clear head while simultaneously relieving some of the soreness in your legs. A good bowl of dry herb in a vaporizer can also be a great come down after a long run.


Being out in nature often makes you want to appreciate nature even more, especially dry herb and hemp. If you are headed on a long hike, packing a portable vaporizer with a bowl can be a great reward when you reach the summit of the trail. Just be sure to pack a little extra water to relieve any dry-mouth on the way back down.

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Our final suggestion is to dance it out after a light bowl. Dancing is another great form of exercise, and dry herb can help bring out your creative expression even more. Allow your body to flow and let something go.

No matter how you like to consume your dry herb or CBD or workout, always be sure to hydrate appropriately. Also, make sure that you are enjoying both your herb and your workout! If you aren’t enjoying it then maybe combining the two is not the best option for you. But that’s no reason to not enjoy them each separately.

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