Does Bong Water Stain?

Bong water is known for being particularly stinky. It also has the potential to stain clothing and other surfaces. Due to the nature of bong water, this can prove to be disastrous. Bong water can stick to surfaces long after it has dried. In fact, you should never let bong water dry on any surface. This article will go into detail on the properties of bong water and how it stains surfaces.

by: Anthony E. | 03/13/23 1:30PM


Dirty Bong Water vs Clean Bong Water

Dirty bong water is, well, dirty! If it gets onto your clothes, it will likely leave behind a stench, and a stain. Conversely, if you have clean bong water but your bong is dirty, you could potentially break off some residue and stain your surfaces. If the bong and water are clean, then you have nothing to worry about.

Dirty bong water filters out smoke and contains many pollutants. It is usually dark yellow to brown in color and is slightly oily. Over time, this gunk accumulates around the sides of your water chamber. Fresh water is instantly made dirty the longer you go without cleaning your bong.


Bong Water Liquids

Some people are brave enough to opt for more than just water in a bong. Some people have been known to use milk, beer, soda, tea, and other liquids not meant for smoke filtration. If you happen to spill any of those on a surface, forget trying to get out the stain. Not only will it leave behind a wretched stain, it will also leave behind a nasty stench.

Accidents happen, so to minimize the potential hazard, always use water. This will help wash out the stain should it occur. Even then, it is very hard to get rid of a bong water stain after it has dried. If you use alcohol to get it off, you risk ruining the fabric or surface. Using liquids other than water will only compound the issue.

Types of Surfaces Prone to Stains

If you spill bong water on any surface and let it dry, forget it. You will likely fail when it comes to getting the stain out completely. Bong water contains residues that will stick to most surfaces. Cotton, wool, polyester, silk, and other blends will become ruined and stained with bong water. Wood that is not protected and even some plastics will stain.

Make sure you keep dirty bong water away from clothes, furniture, tables, and other absorbent surfaces of value. The worst types of surfaces are the ones that are porous or brittle. Keep bong water far away from your keepsakes and valuables, especially electronics. While these won’t stain, they will get ruined should they encounter liquids.


Preventing Accidents

Honestly, one of the best methods for preventing accidents is to have a bong made of silicone. If you happen to drop a glass bong on the floor, even carpet, you run the risk of breaking it and ruining the carpet. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you drop a silicone bong, you still run the risk of spillage but without the added danger of broken glass.

Naturally, you will still likely stain a surface with dirty bong water, even if it comes from a silicone piece. The best thing you can do is to simply be more aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of your actions and take precautions to prevent accidents. Always try to keep your bong water clean and fresh.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things you can do is to always keep your bong clean. Along with the water, if you have a clean bong and spill some water, you’ll likely be alright. It will be much easier to clean. With a dirty bong, the water may still smell even if you have not taken a hit yet.

Bong water can stain many surfaces and leave behind a nasty stench. Always keep your wits about you and make sure that you strive to prevent accidents. You can always replace a bong. Replacing certain items and articles of clothing may be more challenging. If you stain a rug or carpet, you will have a very hard time cleaning it.

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