What Does Bong Water Taste Like?

We have all experienced it at one point or another. You are hitting a bong hard, and you get a cold splash or even a mouthful of the most disgusting water you have ever had the displeasure to taste. Welcome to the world of bongs. In this article, we will be going back and looking at a classic problem that has touched everyone who has ever smoked, which is bong water.

by: Anthony E. | 04/05/22 1:30PM


The Purpose of Water in a Bong

Bongs are as old as humans have been around to smoke things. The first bongs were made of bamboo and were used as pipes before humans thought of the idea to use water to cool down and filter a hit. Rocks and other debris were often used as screens to filter out pipes, though the introduction of water served as a filter.

Today’s bongs also use water for the purpose of filtering out a hit to prevent ash and other particulates from entering the mouth and lungs. The dual purpose of filtration also acts as a coolant to allow the hit to be smoother and less likely to produce a cough after a large hit. Most people end up coughing anyway but there is a way to prevent this.

Dual-chambered bongs can accommodate hot and cold water. The bottom chamber would ideally be used for ice cold water which would serve to initially cool down and filter a hit. The top chamber would have hot water to reintroduce moisture back into the smoke, allowing for a large hit that will not give you the urge to cough so bad.


What is in Bong Water?

Bong water is dirty. In fact, it is quite nasty! Smoke by-products like tar and ash accumulate in a residual gunk that cakes onto the sides of your water chamber. The truth is that most people leave their bong water in the bong long after a smoke session has ended. This in turn can also accumulate everything from algae to microbial growth like E. coli and other nasties.

Particulates sit and float around, clouding the water to an ugly brown. This is compounded by the fact that some dry herb material is not always cured properly and can still have residual fertilizers and even pesticides! The bong water acts as a filter and collects all this junk until it is eventually dumped out.

You must remember that water in a bong is used to filter out all the bad stuff you don’t want in your lungs. While smoking anything can be bad for you in the long run, even if using a bong, the water in a bong helps to clean out impurities that would otherwise end up in your body and can lead to some pretty bad health consequences.


What Does Bong Water Actually Taste Like?

Nasty. It tastes absolutely, nasty. Just smell it. That is what it would taste like. If you have ever smelled rancid butter, it has a very similar resemblance. If you have ever spilled bong water on anything, then you know just how disgusting and awful that is because the smell is all but impossible to get out.

If the bong water is already cloudy and brown, that is even worse. Some people mistakenly assume that drinking bong water will make you high somehow. Depending on the state of the bong water, it can end up making you quite sick and spending a day or two on the toilet. Bong water is some very nasty stuff.

Whatever you do, please, do not try to drink bong water, ever. It sucks. It does not get you high, and it is risky to do. Keep in mind that if you have a bong that a lot of people take hits out of, and you end up being the guy who drinks it, you could also be inadvertently drinking their saliva as well. Not a very good thought, is it?

Is it Bad to Drink Bong Water?

Yes. Do not do it. You will regret it. If the taste is not enough to deter you from trying it, then spending a day on the toilet should teach you a lesson. The truth is that not everyone will get sick, and most people only taste it when they take huge hits and end up getting splashed in the mouth.

The first reaction is to spit up and get it all out because it is dirty and tastes like crap! It gets even worse the longer the water stays in the chamber and the more smoke goes through it. While you may not end up getting sick from it, you will end up regretting it based on how foul it tastes.

If you end up swallowing it, you will immediately wrinkle your nose in disgust as you cringe. Seriously. Why put all those carcinogens and impurities in your body? The point of using a bong is to filter out all the bad stuff, so it would make very little sense to reintroduce it in a concentrated form back into your body. In other words, it is just plain stupid.

Bong Water Uses

Believe it or not, bong water has some pretty nifty uses, though not many. Watering your plants is not one of them, however. Just as it is bad for you and your body, plants will suffer from an accumulation of toxins and other decarboxylated gunk if added directly. What you can do, however, is add all that used bong water to a compost pile, as this would already have a lot of bad stuff in it. Decomposition can turn all that junk into black gold for your plants.

Some people have boiled their bong water and collected the steam and condensation to create distilled water, though this is still debatable as bong water can house fertilizers and pesticides that may not escape distillation.

The best thing you can do with bong water aside from throwing it in a compost pile is dumping it down your toilet and saying good riddance. Bong water is really nothing more than a medium for collecting junk, and it should be treated as such.

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