Dragon Bubbler vs Dragon Claw Bong Bowl

Novelty pipes, bubblers, and bongs are fast becoming all the rage in today’s smoking market. This is partly because many of these pieces are made out of silicone. Gone are the days when your only options were limited to materials that were either expensive, fragile, or cheap. Silicone is becoming the gold standard when it comes to smoking. It is being realized the world over for its practicality and ease of cleaning, due to its ability to be taken apart. Two of the newer novelty pieces to come to the fore are the Dragon Bubbler and the Dragon Claw Bong Bowl. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these two pieces and drawing comparisons.

by: Anthony E. | 09/19/22 1:30PM


The Dragon Bubbler

The Silicone Dragon Bubbler is one of the newer models to be featured in our lineup and has the awesome capability of holding fresh water. The Dragon Bubbler is about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Unlike a typical bubbler which is usually much smaller, the Dragon Bubbler acts as a mini bong which is portable, provided it is empty up until you plan to use it.

The Dragon Bubbler comes in many unique color combinations, and it can be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. Because silicone is unique in its ability to be virtually indestructible, it comes with the benefit of being quite affordable. All bubblers are designed to utilize water to filter smoke and any impurities such as particulates from entering the lungs during inhalation. This makes the Dragon Bubbler one of the better bubblers to own and use.


The Dragon Claw Bong Bowl

Bong bowls can get hot rather quickly, no matter how you use them. The Dragon Claw Bong Bowl is different. Unlike other bong bowls that get hot to the touch, this bowl is encapsulated with a thick layer of silicone, ensuring a safe and thorough grip during any smoke session. What makes this bong bowl unique is its capability to fit almost any bong or bubbler with its elongated design. No longer do you have to rely on just glass to fit your piece!

The Dragon Claw Bong Bowl is heat resistant and is practically indestructible. Unlike glass that gets hot, nasty and dirty over time, silicone is easier to grip. Silicone can also be cleaned. It should be noted that there is a glass bowl component on the inside of the silicone. The glass bowl piece has a built-in screen that eliminates the need for any external components, making this one of the most convenient pieces to own and use.


The Similarities

The similarities between these two pieces are obvious. Both options utilize the popular silicone. Silicone is fast becoming the gold standard for many smoking devices and smoking accessories. While glass is still a large part and essential for any bong, bubbler, or smoking pipe, you will always find that it is encapsulated with silicone. Glass is where the herbs are lit, but the silicone comprises the rest of the pipe.

In the case of the Dragon Bubbler, it needs a glass piece just like the Dragon Claw Bong Bowl. Unlike other bong bowls and bubblers, both are at a price point that reflects the durability and functionality of silicone. It should be noted that silicone is not entirely impervious to damage, but one has to deliberately try to damage the silicone in order to truly affect it.

Their Differences

Obviously, the differences between these two pieces are night and day. While both can be used with water or in a separate apparatus that contains water, the Dragon Bubbler is an entire piece that is ready to use. The Dragon Claw Silicone Bong Bowl is a separate piece that can be inserted into a bong or bubbler smoking pipe. The good thing about the Dragon Claw Silicone Bong Bowl is that it can be used exclusively in any smoking apparatus regardless of what it is made of.

The main difference other than their functionalities is their size. Also, one will be slightly more expensive than the other. Different color schemes are also possible since they are not inherently the same. While the Dragon Claw Bowl can be inserted into the Dragon Bubbler, they are two separate pieces that are only compatible but not included with one another.

Final Thoughts

Silicone is an amazing material that is now a natural and common part of the smoking community as a legitimate and effective option for full-sized and miniature bongs and smoking devices. In fact, it would be a very good idea to include both pieces in your smoking pipe collection. As time goes on, silicone continues to become a preferred material for many smoking devices.

It cannot be overstated that silicone is the most durable and affordable when compared to glass and other materials. While glass is undoubtedly the most beautiful in terms of intricacy and color, it is the most inconvenient as it can easily shatter, leaving your one-of-a-kind piece lost to a senseless accident. Although glass is always needed as the bowl piece, silicone can replace many pipes in your smoking arsenal.

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