Five Budget-Friendly Dry Herb Vaporizers

Whether you are just starting out with dry herb vaping or consider yourself an enthusiast, it can be daunting purchasing a new dry herb vaporizer, especially with the limitless brands, features, and price points. When you shop at NY Vape Shop, you will find a range of dry herb vaporizers designed to meet the needs of multiple users, from super advanced convection vapes to simplistic combustion vape pens. At the end of the day, we have you covered. In order to make your shopping experience a bit easier, we have compiled a short list of five budget-friendly dry herb vaporizers that give you some great bang for your buck!

by: Colby M. | 07/13/20 1:30PM


1. AGO Vape Pen

The AGO dry herb vape pen is highly portable, discreet, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. With the simple press of a button you can enjoy your dry herbs while hiking a mountain or jamming out at a music festival. Overall, this vaporizer is great for people wanting a hassle-free experience with little user input. That said, the lower price point comes with a sacrifice, i.e. combustion heating instead of convection (although you can achieve convection by using small glass screens to cover coil). If obtaining the cleanest vaping experience is your goal, then it is recommended to avoid combustion heating.

AGO Vape Pen

2. Yocan Evolve D Vape

The Yocan Evolve D is another solid dry herb vape pen at an affordable price point that offers simplicity and convenience. You can take this vape pen on the go with ease since it easily slides into a pocket. Much like the AGO Vape, the Evolve utilizes a simple firing button with minimal user input. It also utilizes combustion heating, i.e. direct heat. Another plus with the Evolve is its battery life which will be sure to last you throughout the day. All in all, you would be hard pressed to find a more superior vape pen at a lower price point within a vape shop.


3. Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Easily one of the best options in terms of value, the Titan 1 dry herb vaporizer pen offers users an affordable alternative to combustion heating with its ceramic heating chamber that evenly heats and extracts flavorful vapor from your dry herbs. The Titan 1 comes with three pre-set temperature setting that users can cycle through - 360°F, 380°F, 420°F. You will have all the battery power you need as well with a robust 2200 mAh battery. Overall, the Titan 1 is an excellent choice for users looking to upgrade from combustion heating without breaking the bank.

Titan 1 dry herb vaporizer

4. Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Titan 2 offers everything you love about the Titan 1 with increased user customization. Rather than limit users to three pre-set temperature settings, the Titan 2 allows users to set their temperature within a single degree from 200°F - 428°F. If full temperature control is a MUST HAVE then this is definitely a solid option. On top of full temperature control, you can enjoy the benefits of the Titan 2’s ceramic heating chamber and 2200 mAh battery. This vaporizer is another excellent value that is perfect for both new and experienced users.

5. Pulsar APX

Slightly more expensive than the vaporizers listed thus far, the Pulsar APX features an enhanced LED display, five pre-set temperatures, haptic feedback, and a lightning fast 30 second heating time. Also, the APX utilizes a ceramic heating chamber, which is superior in terms of flavor consistency and ensuring your herb is evenly vaporized. If you are looking to luxuriate in additional features like an LED display and haptic feedback, the APX is a suitable option. This vaporizer offers users a lot functionality for the price point, less than $70.

In this article we have discussed five excellent dry herb vaporizers that offer a range of functions, styles, and price points. To sum up, beginners will find TONS of value in the Titan series as well as the Yocan Evolve and AGO Vape. More experienced users will enjoy the added features of the Pulsar APX with its haptic feedback and LED display. It is our hope that this article will show you that pretty much anyone can enjoy the benefits of dry herb vaping without it costing a fortune. So, why not upgrade? You will not regret it.

pulsar vape apx

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