Pulsar APX Wax Review

The Pulsar APX Wax Review will help you understand all you need to know about the wax vaporizer. We break down the pros and cons plus so much more.

by: Fletcher R. | 08/06/18 1:30PM


Vaping is said to have many advantages over smoking and it is generally considered healthier. More so though, vaping is what bridges technology and the enjoyment of dry herbs, wax and oils. Not only can you vape various materials, but you can do it with great portability, ease of use, discretion, and nearly total control of the experience. Some vapes are dedicated to one type of material, others offer flexibility, allowing users to enjoy two or even all three of the most popular substances; dry herbs, oils, or wax.

Wax and oils are concentrated, so less material needs to be stored or carried. A little dab of wax compared to its equivalent in dry herbs is much smaller. Oils and waxes are more concentrated versions of the various dry herbs. Wax concentrates is the option often preferred by many experienced enthusiasts. A lot of users find that wax is dense, easy to carry around and is very discreet. The APX Wax vape is a great option that offers full temperature control plus the ability to deliver big puffs.



Pulsar APX Wax Specifications

  • Dimensions: three.5 in. x 1.5 in.
  • Compatibility: Waxes
  • Battery: 1100mAh
  • Charger: Micro-USB
  • Color: 7 Options

The Pulsar APX Wax

The APX Wax is the ideal wax vaporizer. Its design is sleek and small, which gives it the advantage of portability and discretion. A five-second warmup time makes it perfect for quick vaping on the go. It also features a long battery life and is very competitively priced. Perhaps most notably, the unique three quartz coil atomizer delivers a powerful and dense vapor.

The APX aluminum body has a strong, solid feel, despite the unit’s tiny size and amazing lightness and portability. It doesn’t feel junky or poorly made like a lot of vaporizers of similar size and cost.


Box Mod Vape

The APX is a Box Mod vaporizer, as opposed to the pen-like designs of many comparable vaporizers. That unique design, which gets its name from the box-like shape, offers flexibility, as the batteries and other components can often be changed. This isn’t as big a deal for the Pulsar APX for wax.

Charging the APX Wax

The APX for wax charges up using a micro-USB cable, which means you can charge it up from a computer or even a phone, if need be. USB wall chargers and common and inexpensive, if you don’t already have one. The APX takes about 1.5 hours to charge, provide about 1.5 hours of usage (that’s about two days of moderate usage). It heats up in just five seconds! To make things even easier, there’s an LED battery meter to tell you how much power you’ve got left before you have to recharge so you’ll never be left high and dry.

Loading the APX Wax

Removing the glass cover/mouthpiece exposes the heating chamber. Carefully load the concentrate directly to the coil! You may want to warm the coil up for a few seconds before you apply the wax to make sure it sticks. Be careful not to touch the metal packing tool to the heating coils, as it may damage the coils, and without them, you won’t be vaping much of anything.

The glass mouthpiece isn’t indestructible, it’s made of glass. It’s also fairly small, in keeping with the device’s size. So you’ll want to keep track of where you put it so it isn’t lost or broken. That’s all there is to it! Replace the mouthpiece, turn on the APX, and get ready to start vaping!

Using the APX Wax

To make the APX Wax even simpler to use, its design includes only a single button. Clicking the power button five times turns the unit on. The LED lights flash on the front of the unit and then remain illuminated to let you know it’s ready to go. Hold the power button down for the five-second heat-up time. The logo (an LED “P”) starts off lit up in red, but changes to green to indicate that the vaporizer is ready to use. Remember to keep holding the power button while you’re vaping, then keep drawing to clear the vaporizer after releasing the button.

The APX Wax’s temperature is preset, so there’s no need to adjust the temperature. And the three quartz coils deliver more punch than the standard 2 coils included in many vaporizers.

The device’s tiny size means it truly fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. A lot of vaporizers make that claim, but the APX Wax really delivers. Even a person with smaller hands can wrap their fists around this little dynamo, revealing only the glass mouthpiece. That makes it easy and ergonomic to use.


Cleaning the APX Wax

The exterior of the vape can be wiped and cleaned with a towel moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Always be careful not to let any drip into the device’s electronics! You may also want to let the coils burn just a little bit after your session to burn off the residual wax. The glass mouthpiece is easy to clean by removing it and soaking it in isopropyl, though it doesn’t require as much cleaning as you might expect. Some people give a little blow into the mouthpiece to keep it clear, that’s up to you.

Wax Tips and Tricks

It’s true that wax and oils are generally cleaner to use than dry herbs, and vaporizers in general are cleaner to use and maintain than pipes or bongs. But there are still a few things to be mindful of. There’s no bong water to spill, that’s true. But wax melts during the vaping process as it gets super hot, and this liquid like substance is now able to drip out and make a mess if not handled properly – make sure to keep the vape upright!  In addition, some vaporizers may burn the hands, lips, mouth, or other parts of the body if allowed to run too hot. Higher quality vaporizers limit this possibility, but it’s still something to watch out for.

Wax has a certain odor which some find persistent. And since the APX Wax vaporizer doesn’t have an adjustable temperature function and tends to run on the powerful side with its three-quartz coil design, there may be some residual smell from using this device or any wax vaporizer.

Because the APX Wax vaporizer is so powerful and creates such dense, effective vapor, it may burn more wax than other, less potent devices. However, you can adjust the temperature to the lowest setting which is usually perfect for great flavor.

The three quartz coils deliver powerful vapes, but that also means the device can get hot too, that happens with most portable vaporizers. Even the glass mouthpiece can conduct heat when used constantly, so this is device best used with some cool-down time between hits. Since it delivers such a powerful vape, that’s not really a problem. If you’re passing it around among friends, however, and the coils are constantly glowing, somebody might burn their lip. So be careful! You’ll also want to keep this in mind before using it and jamming it straight into your pants pocket!

Comparing the APX Wax Vaporizer to other Wax Vaporizers

The closest thing to the box mod APX Wax is the SteamCloud Box Mod or really any other box bod. Box mods are compatible with any 510 atomizer attachments. The SteamCloud compact and powerful device features an OLED screen that allows you to change the wattage by a single digit. The APX only comes with preset temperatures and one button for control.

The Saber Vape Pen for Wax has magnetic attachments instead of screws, which is a real advantage in terms of cleaning and air leaks. The Saber has a long, lean, pen-like design which is slightly longer than the APX but it is not nearly as wide. They both disappear quite well into the hand while vaping.

The Yocan Evolve has a rubber grip that makes it especially easy to handle, though it also has a pen-like design which isn't quite as easy to conceal as the APX. The Evolve comes in a Plus model too, which includes a small storage compartment for wax. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL has 4 quartz coils for smooth, solid vapes.

The Yocan Pandon has a 4 quartz coil heating system too, this vape is for those that love bigger draws. The user can choose to use only two coils for a lighter hit. That flexibility is something the Pulsar APX can’t offer.

The Micro Vape Wax Pen Travel Kit comes in an array of wild colors and designs and also comes with a protective travel case. So this fashionable vape pen isn’t designed to be as discrete as other vape pens, however, it is. The Micro is light weight and a much more basic wax vaporizer versus the APX. The Micro is lightweight and perfect for on-the-go vaping.



Why You Should Buy the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer

The APX Wax Vaporizer is an amazing device for so many reasons. Amazingly small and discrete, it can be taken virtually anywhere. Long battery life lets you keep it out longer and enjoy it more, and the dense and powerful vape created by the unique three quartz coil means even more intense enjoyment. Quality manufacturing, ease of use, competitive pricing, and easy maintenance secure this vaporizer’s place at the front of the line of new wax vaporizers. More and more, wax is the enthusiast’s choice, and the Pulsar APX Wax is the new king of wax vaporizers.

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