Glass Globe Wax Pen review

The Glass Globe wax pen kit is a great option for starters and pros. The globe allows wax vapors to gather and cool, allowing for smoother puff. You can also gather huge amounts of vapor to deliver big hits too.

by: Chris H. | 01/22/18 2:30PM


If you are a fan of wax pens, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the 510 Thread Glass Globe Vaporizer Kit. The invention of the “globe” style of vaporizer pens eliminated many of the problems associated with using a wax pen, while maintaining everything you love about portable wax pens. The construction of the device is simple: it’s a standard single-button vape pen with a 510-thread battery and wax atomizer coil. The difference is, instead of placing your wax/concentrate on the exposed coil in a small opening at the top of the device, a globe encases the coil—raised in the center of the clear globe on a pedestal.


There are many benefits of the glass globe design, and this review will go into further detail in a moment, but the major advantage is the ability to collect larger vapor clouds. Not only that, the globe is much easier to maintain and limits the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning your pen. The biggest gripes anyone has about wax pens usually include smaller hit size and wax buildup—so you can see why this is such a welcome upgrade.


Top Attribute – The Glass Globe

Clearly, the big selling point with this kit is getting in on the ground floor of glass globe vape parts with wax pens. The titular globe provides its user with bigger and better hits than you could normally expect from a standard wax pen. Though the biggest benefit may not be the size of the hit, but rather the temperature of the hit once it hits your lungs. The globe allows more of the heat to dissipate and therefore less of it gets to you. An interesting tidbit is that the hit is usually tastier too since your taste buds are now protected from the heat. If you’ve dropped some money on a good wax, it’s nice to know you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Glass globes come in many shapes and sizes and, thanks to the modular design of this kit, you can end up replacing your typical rounded globe with more complex options like the teapot globe and even a skull!

If you aren’t satisfied with that level of customization, you can also switch out the standard pancake coil that comes with the kit. The options and combinations of coils, atomizers, and globes are nearly limitless and include things like quartz rods, ceramic components, and the classic wick.

Quick Vape Specs

  • Battery: 510-threaded 650 mAh
  • Coil: 510 thread wax atomizers
  • Charger: USB-C Charging Cable with 510-thread attachment

What comes in the Vape kit?

  • 510-threaded battery
  • 510-threaded pancake wax atomizer x2
  • Glass globe with attached mouthpiece
  • Storage container
  • Dab Tool
  • USB charging cable

How to use the Globe Vape?


Attach the 510 vape battery to the wax atomizer by screwing the two pieces together. Gently fit the glass globe attachment over the top of the coil.

Charging: Once the battery is no longer operating, remove the glass globe and unscrew the battery from the wax coil. Insert the battery into the charger by screwing it into the 510 thread like you would the coils. Connect the USB cable directly to a power source or into a wall adapter plug.

Using the Vape

With a charged battery, screw the wax coil onto the top and leave the open coil exposed.
Place the desired amount of wax directly onto the flat surface in the center of the atomizer using your dab tool. Make sure your material is in contact with the coil as much as possible. Be careful and do not overpack or the wax can spill out. Return the glass globe to cover the coil and again, be gentle.

Turn on the device with five clicks of the pen’s power button. Press and hold the button to activate the coil. You will be able to see the coil begin to glow red. Once you feel that the globe has collected the desired amount of vapor, you may clear the globe.

Tips: If you find that the heat of the vapor is still too high for your preference, let the device sit for a few moments and allow the vapor to cool naturally. Be sure to avoid activating the coil without the globe attachment, you’ll avoid a great deal of trouble with mess and possible injury. Owning more than one 510 threaded battery is always a good idea. Since this is such a simple and easy-to-use product, there is no reliable way to test your battery power without it running out. Having an extra will mean you can always have a battery ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Every wax pen has portability in mind with its design. There’s no reason to use something this small if you don’t take it out occasionally. That being said, remember that you are dealing with glass and that can somewhat limit this unit’s portability. However, if you are careful, you will likely avoid any trouble.


Maintaining and Cleaning the Globe Vape

The beauty of the globe design is that you won’t have as much cleaning to do, either way. However, there are some notes to remember for long-term use. For one, try not to leave the device laying on its side immediately after use, especially if there is any concentrate still left in the coil. Sometimes the dregs of your last hit can still be in liquid form and find its way into the mouthpiece and other undesirable areas of the device. You will eventually get some buildup. Just remember that you can always remove the globe and scrape the excess away. Some users like to re-vape this collection and it certainly does the job.

As with all good things, you will eventually need to replace your coil. Time and use will wear away its ability to provide you with clean, flavorful hits. Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, the kit is modular, and you can replace the coil with any that you see fit. To that end, both the battery and atomizer can be replaced with a 510 related component.

If you are a fan of the glass globe in this kit, don’t stop there. has got you covered with some great options if you ever get bored with the standard globe.


Is a Glass Globe Vape Pen for me?

This kit is ideal for people that want to be introduced to either a wax pen or glass globe without breaking the bank. You can modify and rebuild your kit yourself after you make the initial jump—and this product is ideal for that purpose. Maybe you own a traditional wax pen and want to try out a glass globe while also gaining a backup unit. Or perhaps you’ve never tried wax pens before and are just attracted to the idea of a globe to hold and cool your vapor. Either way, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this kit. And for more information, checkout this article about how to use a wax vape pen.

There are so many options when it comes to vaporizers, and especially wax pens. They don’t require a great deal of complexity and are cheap to produce. Be sure that your choice is one you feel you can live with. That being said, you can purchase this kit with confidence. There’s not much it can’t do, and it even comes with an extra coil!

Dab Pen vs Dab Rig

It’s not crazy to think using a globe vape could be a reliable alternative to dabbing with a rig. After all, you are at a much smaller risk of accident or injury. Using a blow torch with a rig can be a harrowing experience and we’ve all have that one friend who is accident prone. It can be unwise to mix fun with fast-burning flames.

With the globe in the picture, the advantages of the dab rig shrink in your mind. First of all, the globe can hold a large amount of vapor for such a small space. The hits that you are capable of with a glass globe attachment are likely more than enough. Along with safety, the globe also has an advantage in that the hits will likely be much cooler than any dab rig can provide without a costly and massive water pipe attachment. You can save yourself a lot of time and money on an inexpensive glass globe kit like this one. However, nothing is going to beat the raw power of a dab rig, but if you are trying to find a way to get out of using an open flame, this pen can be a great addition to any vapers lineup. Still not sure? Read our detailed comparison between a dab rig and wax vape to help you decide!

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