How Long Do Vape Pens Last?

Vape pens come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some vape pens are made to vape every modality (herbs, wax, and oils). Other vape pens are made specifically for just one modality. The best types of vapes are those you will utilize the most. Some people prefer a vape pen that is disposable. Other users are in it for the long haul. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these vape pens. The longest lasting vapes are the ones you want to go for.

by: Anthony E. | 02/08/23 2:30PM


Different Types of Vapes

Vape pens are a dime a dozen. Not all are created equal. What you want is a vape pen that is efficient and will last. The best type of vape pen is one that comes from a reputable source. There are many knock-off brands out there. Always get your vape pens from a reliable store or website.

Vape pens that utilize dry herbs have the biggest batteries. They also run down the fastest. However, dry herb vapes outlast other smaller vape pens in the long run. Vape pens that are capable of vaping wax and oil concentrates are good choices. They will not outlast a dry herb vape in the long run.

They will, however, last you much longer during a session. Smaller vape pens will have smaller batteries. These will not typically last you as long as a bigger vape pen. Oil and wax produce stronger hits, requiring less power and time.


Vape Batteries

As previously stated, bigger vape pens require bigger batteries to operate. Smaller vape pens have smaller batteries. They will generally only last about a year or less, however. Dry herb vape pens can easily go past a year in terms of durability.

Oil and wax vape pens can have a variable voltage setting. This also allows the user to tailor the battery’s usage. Different modalities require different heat settings. A dry herb vape pen will generally use the same heat setting at different temperatures. A bigger battery is required and will outlast all other smaller batteries.

Combination 3-in-1 vapes and box mods have very strong batteries. They usually accommodate varying vape modalities including dry herbs.

Dry Herb Vapes vs One-Time Use Vapes

Unlike a disposable vape, dry herb vape pens will keep on going. Long after the battery drains, you can simply recharge the battery. Disposable vapes will stop working once the battery or juice runs out.

You cannot charge a disposable vape pen. You will typically come to find that disposable vapes just do not last as long as a dry herb vape pen. They are meant to last as long as there is still vape juice inside the pen.

Over time, the juice will deplete and the vape will be rendered useless. If your vaping habits are sparse in between sessions, you may find your vape dies prematurely. In either case, the battery is just not powerful enough to sustain long term use. Dry herb vapes are better for the long run.


Small Vapes vs Big Vapes

Small vapes are those that are either slim or fit in your hand. They are usually wax or oil vape pens. Dry herb vapes can also fall under this category. Conversely, box mods tend to be bigger, but nowadays they can be compact, like the SteamCloud Box Mod vape. Small vapes will have smaller batteries.

Bigger box mods and dry herb vapes have bigger batteries that can last longer over time. Eventually, the coils and battery will have to be replaced. During sessions, the bigger vapes will tend to run out of power quicker.

Bigger batteries are needed to power dry herb vapes and other models. This makes them drain quicker. Small vapes will last you longer since sessions are generally shorter. Both types of vapes can be a good option. This will heavily depend on the type of sessions you want. If you are looking for something quick and efficient, opt for a small vape or disposable pen. If you want a solid option long term, go for a bigger battery.

Final Thoughts

The life of a vape pen will be influenced heavily by its size and usage. Some vape pens will outlast others based on your vaping habits alone. The best vape pens will balance battery life with efficiency. Some users just prefer to have something quick and disposable. Generally speaking, vape pens will last roughly a year or more.

Disposable vapes will have to be replaced every other week or sooner. Even if you decide to take it slow with a disposable vape, the battery is not meant to last long. You can still have vape juice left and find your vape battery dead. If you vape dry herbs, you will not have a long-lasting battery for your sessions. Oil and wax vapes will be better in terms of battery life.

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