How Often Does a Vape Pen Need to Be Charged?

Vape pens are the most popular devices for vaping everything from e-juice to wax and concentrates. Having a reliable and functioning vape depends on several factors, one namely being having enough power to function. Here we will be looking at this aspect a bit closer.

by: Anthony E. | 11/25/21 2:30PM


Vape Pen Chargers vs Disposable Vape Pens

Traditional vape pens always come with a charger of some sort. Disposable vape pens are all but disposable and come with no charger. The reality is that both can be charged, though we highly discourage charging the latter. Vapes that are meant to be charged are made specifically for long-term use. Disposable vape pens can simply be discarded and replaced the minute the battery dies, or the tank is empty.

Charging a traditional vape pen is something that must be done often to maintain the longevity of the device. While disposable vape pens can be charged, this is reserved for those who know what they are doing and do so at their own risk. The difference between a normal vape pen and a disposable one is like night and day.

For users who are on the go and literally have no time for charging, loading, or customizing any settings to their vape will find the convenience of a disposable vape to be invaluable. Some are even powered by the draw of the breath, while others require nothing more than the mere push of a button. These are best reserved for immediate short-term use.

Why do Vapes Need to be Charged?

For the obvious reason of having a vape that turns on when you want to, charging a vape can be a quick and simple process. The best method of charging a vape is to not wait until the battery is completely dead before plugging it in. Vapes that are charged before the battery dies last much longer.

In fact, batteries that never go completely dead are much more capable of delivering more power to the device. When a vape pen reaches the threshold of depletion on its battery, you will usually encounter a signal, beep, or warning of some kind on your device. Most come with LED displays and status symbols on the interface.

Whenever you see it blinking or low on status bars, that is the perfect time to start charging your vape before it goes completely dead. Doing so will ensure the long-term integrity of your vape for years to come. Vapes that are overcharged fare just as badly as vapes that are vaped when the battery dies.


The Right Time to Charge a Vape

As previously discussed, charging a vape before it dies will prolong the life of your unit, though one of the most critical and often overlooked aspects of charging happens the moment you pull the device out of its box. Most people are in such a rush of excitement to use their new vapes that they either forget or ignore the most crucial time to charge a vape, which is the first time you use it.

Right out of the box, a vape may or may not have any power in its battery to function properly. Either through testing or just sitting on the shelf for some time, a battery will eventually need to be charged. Doing so when you get home will jumpstart the battery and make for the proper first session with your new vape.

It should also be noted that once the vape is charged, you should immediately unplug it from the outlet. If you have not used a vape for some time since your last charge, you should try charging it again. Unless the vape has overcharge protection, leaving your vape plugged in charging will significantly reduce battery life over time.


How Often Should I Charge My Vape?

The answer to this depends on your usage habits and requirements. Depending on what type of vape you have, you might charge it once a day, several times a day, or once a week. Dry herb vapes like the E-CLIPSE or the Titan 2 for example, boast incredibly powerful vape batteries, yet fail to last as long as a wax pen, like the SteamCloud EVOD that has a much weaker battery.

This is since a dry herb vaping modality requires more energy to properly vape dry herbs, versus having a variable voltage option to simply heat up the wax to the proper temperature. This is further compounded by a dry herb vape’s temperature option with a wider range.

If you use your vape every day, regardless of its modality, then you will most likely find yourself charging it once a day or more. If you use it casually throughout the day, then you might get away with charging it the next day or so. Those who only use their vapes when the occasion calls for it may find that their vape’s battery lasts much longer than anticipated.

Final Thoughts

Vape pens rely solely on the user for maintenance, though charging them is quite easy and seamless. Much like charging any device such as a phone, vape chargers are also very compact and require minimal space and time to fully recharge. How often you will end up charging your vape pen will depend on other factors such as your environment and what condition you keep your vape in.

Humid climates are terrible for dry herb vapes and will likely result in having longer sessions and longer charge times. Hot temperatures and seasonal climates will impact the vape’s ability to function properly and can reduce battery life. Since vapes get rather hot during usage, vaping outdoors on a hot summer day will likely amount to a shortened vape session with a lengthy charge time, as a hot battery will not charge as efficiently.

No matter how often you charge your vape pen, always remember to do so at a normal room temperature away from heat and extreme cold. Sunlight will also contribute to the reduced longevity of your vape, so keep it shaded while using and charging. As long as you charge your vape properly, it should come to last you a very long time indeed.

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