How to Get the Perfect Bong Rip Like a Pro

Hitting a bong is something we have all tried. Hitting a bong the wrong way is something we have all done as well. Getting the perfect bong rip is a combination of skill and know-how. It is not as easy as just putting your lips to a bong and taking a hit. To get the perfect bong rip, you will need to have a little bit of finesse and a thorough understanding of your limits. Hitting a bong like a pro will earn you the accolades of your peers and make your smoke sessions go much smoother. In this article we will be going over how to get the perfect bong rip with every hit.

by: Anthony E. | 06/28/22 1:30PM


Using the Right Type of Bong

When it comes to getting good hits, you want to use the right type of bong. If you end up using a big bong with a large chamber, then you better be prepared to handle it, otherwise you will come out coughing up a lung and looking like a rank amateur. If you want to look like you can at least hold your own, try opting for a much smaller bong.

You will not want to use a mini bong either, just something large enough to look like it can deliver a good hit. If you are a newbie, you will also want to consider using a silicone bong instead of a glass one. If you are under pressure, you might inadvertently do something stupid and break or tip over the bong, ruining it for everyone else. Not good.

Silicone will ensure that if you end up dropping or tipping it over, you can easily brush it off and blame it on something else if possible. The goal here is to make you look like a pro, remember? Always go for a bong that you can handle in both its hits, and its material. Never go out of your league to look cool, as it will backfire.


Using the Right Type of Lighter

The right type of lighter is just as important. If you end up using a torch for a small bowl, you will kill the hit and just make everyone angry. Always go for a regular lighter that is not a torch. If you want to look like a pro, always take a green hit and leave a portion of it for the next person. This shows that you have experience and consideration, like a pro. Do not leave the flame on the bowl either, just long enough to start the process.

Using the wrong lighter will make it seem like you do not know what you are doing, and worse, if you also end up taking a very large hit with a torch and cough your lungs out after killing the bowl with it, you will not look like a pro at all. These types of rookies are known as buzzkills. Do not be that type of person.

If possible, carry your own lighter. This will show you have class and style and will bolster your image as a pro who knows what he is doing with a bong. No need for our lighter to be too flashy or big either. We are going for practical functionality here, not overshadowing our image for the sake of being flamboyant.

Warm Water vs Cold Water

A little-known secret here is to use warm water instead of ice-cold water for your bong rips. This will make you less likely to cough as cold water sucks out moisture from the smoke, whereas warm water reintroduces moisture back in, allowing for a very smooth and comfortable hit. Cold water will cool down a hit and allow you to take more in, though you will blow up on the exhale.

If you are fortunate and skillful enough to be using a glass piece that has dual chambers or even an ice catcher, then use this to your advantage by either filling up the first chamber with cold water or using ice and using the second chamber with warm water to moisten the hit. The warm water will make the smoke smoother as it hits the back of your throat.

Being filtered first with the cold water will make it cleaner, while the warm water will further filter out particulates and make the hit much easier on your lungs and throat. If you are the first one to take a hit and you follow these steps, you will be hitting a proper bong without the coughing fit and looking like a true pro.


Knowing Your Limits

Knowing how much you can take is essential to being a pro on the smoking scene. If you are going to hit a bong, you will do well to be able to hack it and hold your own without killing the vibe of your tribe. Do not be afraid to say no or take a smaller hit from the bong. It is much better to take a small hit and exhale without losing your composure than to take a big hit and start crying from coughing afterwards.

There is no need to overcompensate. You are there to have fun and to remain cool. If you have no choice but to use a large bong being passed around with ice cold water, then, take a smaller hit. If you cough, then you cough. Most everyone else will too. Just go with it and have fun. This will make you look like a pro.

The perfect bong rip will require that you go low and slow with your hit. If you use the right bong, with the right lighter, and the right water temperature, you will draw in slowly and let out a huge bong rip that will be both amazing to watch and lauded by your smoke circle. Never go above your limits.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that taking the perfect bong rip will require all these essentials if you want to hit one like a pro. It goes without saying that hitting a bong the right way will require a bit of practice on your part. Do not take your first bong rip with a crowd, instead buy your own bong and practice with it instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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