How to Make An Apple Pipe Guide for Beginners

Have you had a friend tell a story about being in a situation where they made a pipe out of their bare hands and an apple? While you will need one or two other tools to make it happen, it is true that you can make a dry herb pipe out of an apple! Read on to learn how to make one for yourself.

by: Amy B. | 04/14/21 1:30PM


How to Make An Apple Pipe

Have you ever heard someone tell a story about smoking out of an apple at a music festival with Lil’ Wayne? While we cannot verify if the Lil’ Wayne part of their story was true, we can vouch for the apple pipe. Although it sounds like a made-up thing, you can actually smoke out of this common nutritious snack. If you have a few tools handy and a common apple, then you can make a pipe in no time. You can make it with pure ingenuity and a basic understanding of how pipes work, or you can follow the instructions outlined below.

Emoji of an Apple with smoke coming out

What is an Apple Pipe?

An apple pipe is exactly what it sounds like -- an apple that you use as a pipe to smoke. And while apples do not naturally come in pipe shapes, they can be easily manipulated to become a pipe. This is due to their firm, yet malleable texture, and not too juicy consistency. Apple pipes are preferred by smokers who like to be discreet and creative. They are easy to dispose of in a pinch and ideal for traveling with. They also make a great snack when you’re done with your session!


Assemble Pipe Building Tools:

There are a few simple tools that you will need in order to make an apple pipe. Thankfully, these objects are common items that can be found in most grocery stores, households, backpacks, or purses. You will need:

  • Any Variety of Apple
  • Poking Tool
  • Toothpick
  • Lighter
  • Dry Herb

While a screwdriver or chopstick works best as a poking tool, you can also use a key in a pinch. You’ll just want to be sure to clean the apple just off of your poking tool afterward so that it doesn’t become a sticky mess. It’s also ideal to have an herb grinder for your dry herb. But if you’re using an apple as a pipe then you’re probably working with a minimal smoking tool kit. In that case, you can just break down your dry herb with your hands instead.

Tool box with a lighter, tooth pick and apple in grey background

Follow These Steps:

Now that you have all of your supplies gathered, you can start crafting your apple pipe. Thankfully, the steps to follow are just as few as the supplies you need to make this convenient pipe.

1. Prep the Apple

If you plucked your apple straight off of a tree, then that’s great! Just be sure to check your apple for any bugs before you start poking at it. If you bought your apple, then be sure to remove the sticker because it’s tacky looking to smoke with the sticker still on your pipe. Either way, washing your apple first is up to you and will make no difference in the remaining steps.


2. Build a Bowl Piece

When your apple is ready to go, then it’s time to make the bowl part of your pipe. To do this, simply twist the stem off of the apple. This should make a natural bowl-shape at the top of the apple.

poking a hole in an apple with hemp in the background

3. Poke a Hole

Now it’s time to pick up your poking tool of choice and “drill” a hole into the center of the apple’s bowl. Be sure to only go halfway through the apple though so that the air pathway only has one open end right now.

4. Create a Mouthpiece

Now you will add the mouthpiece part that is needed for completing the pipe. Take your poking tool and make a hole in the face of the apple, connecting to the hole you created in the previous step. This should create an almost L-shaped tunnel through your apple. If you have toothpicks, then you can also add a few holes at the top of the apple, connecting to the hole leading to the bowl, to help increase airflow.

apple being smoked out of with a lighter hemp in the background

5. Light It Up

The only step that is left is to grind up your dry herb and add it to the bowl on the top of the apple. Then use your lighter to light the bowl while inhaling through the mouthpiece on the front of the apple.

After you are all done using this kind of pipe, you can have a snack to stave off the munchies. Just be sure to eat around the burned and bowl sections. Or you can dispose of your pipe responsibly and add it to the compost bin. This pipe is convenient, creative, and environmentally friendly! So next time you are in a pinch or just out in nature with a bit of dry herb, a key, a lighter, and an apple, try making a pipe and have an all-natural smoke session.

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