How to Open a Stuck Wax Vape Tank

Some of us like to overdo things. When it comes to vapes, we like to make sure that they are on tight. This gives us peace of mind knowing that we are trying to ensure the integrity of our vape sessions. Sometimes, this can work against us as we inadvertently do it a little too well. You will eventually find that you have overtightened your wax vape tank, and now you need to pry it open somehow. In this article, we will be looking at the many things that can cause this and how to go about fixing it.

by: Anthony E. | 06/30/22 1:30PM


What Causes the Wax Tank to Stick?

There are few reasons why you may encounter a vape tank that is stuck. One of the more common scenarios is that you have tightened it a little too much. While it may be normal to want to ensure a tight fit, you want to refrain from being overzealous about it. Another reason is that you are not cleaning a vape often enough. This can be remedied by doing it more often.

Much like over tightening your vape tank, friction can cause it to become stuck as well. One of the less common reasons is due to rust. It goes without saying that liquid can make metals rust, though wax is usually much oilier and can serve as a sort of protectant against rust. Most vape metals are also rust resistant, though this can happen.

The most overlooked out of all of them is the natural expansion and contraction that takes place with intense heat and a rapid cool down. This could inadvertently jam up a vape tank and cause it to get stuck. A combination of any of the above is also possible and makes for an unpleasant time with a vape tank.


How to Unscrew a Stuck Tank

Fortunately, there are several very effective ways to get your vape tank unscrewed if it happens to suffer from any of the above issues. One way to get your tank unstuck is to use a little elbow grease with a non-stick cloth. The older and grittier, the better. This will create a grip and provide the leverage needed to unscrew the vape.

Another viable option is to use a rubber band, or otherwise known as a vape band. It is portable and comes in handy for these types of situations. Simply grip your vape’s tank and jiggle it around with the rubber grip until it gives. While it may sound odd, it has been known to work just as well.

The last resort here would be to use anything from hot water to WD40. Tapping the vape onto a hard surface to get it to unstick can be a risky thing. Using pliers is perhaps the best method when all else fails, though you risk marring the vape and ruining the finish. If you over tighten your vape’s tank, chances are you will also go a bit overboard using pliers.

How to Prevent the Tank from Getting Stuck

It goes without saying that prevention is key to avoid these types of scenarios and potentially costly solutions. Start by tightening your vape tank only and hand strength until it no longer turns. Do not force it beyond this. You will also want to ensure that nothing other than wax goes into your tank to avoid rust.

Vaping at higher temperatures ensures that you won’t have any leftover wax lingering around after a vape cools and gets your tank stuck. Always clean the vape after every session. Failure to do so will eventually accumulate residues and particulate matter that may end up causing your vape tank to become stuck to the vape.

Always go for vapes that are of higher quality as these are better tempered against heat and rust. Conversely, you will also want to make sure you are starting with a high-quality wax as this will also affect the performance of a vape. Using subpar quality wax will eventually takes its toll on a vape and could cause it to get stuck.


What If It’s Stuck to the Battery?

In this worst-case scenario, you have managed to get your tank stuck onto not just the mod, but the batteries as well. To avoid destroying the tank and the mod together, you will need to proceed very carefully to ensure you have a vape after it is all over. The first step is to make sure the vape is turned off.

If a vape has external batteries, carefully remove them if possible. If your tank is broken, this could cause the jamming to occur. If you find that the mounting plate has also been damaged, you will simply have to acquire a new vape. If you also see that your tank is leaking and the wax has cooled enough to dry onto the battery, then your best bet is to replace the unit.

The last thing you want to do is mess with the battery directly. This could cause it to leak or even worse, explode. Do not put metal directly onto the battery to pry it out. You do not want to pour chemical solvents of any kind directly onto a vape tank or battery either, as this could further exacerbate the problem.

Final Thoughts

Getting your wax vape unstuck is no easy task if it is due to something like rust or mechanical expansion. In fact, it could be one of the most tedious things you will ever have to deal with if it occurs. The good news is that even though these things can happen, there are solutions that have been proven to work.

If you keep your vape tank clean and remove it from the battery after use, you will reduce the likelihood of having to go through these scenarios. It should also be noted that if you happen to use hot water to loosen your vape tank, you will want to quickly dry it off thoroughly to avoid rust.

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