How To Pick the Perfect Bong Every Time

Picking the right bong is all about what you want and how you plan to smoke your dry herbs. Most people choose a bong because of its features, such as hit capacity and water filtration. Here we will be discussing the many different types of bongs on the market and which ones would be suitable for your needs.

by: Anthony E. | 02/07/22 2:30PM


Different Types of Bongs

When we talk about bongs, we usually refer to a classic water pipe that has an elongated tube and a rounded water chamber. What is often overlooked is how old these devices really are and why they are used in the first place. Bongs offer the user many different benefits that are otherwise achievable with other smoking apparatuses.

Bongs are notorious for providing monstrous hits that leave the user reeling with coughing fits. While this is completely normal and expected, users often fail to realize that most coughing can be mitigated by utilizing a few simple measures during a smoke session. The type of bong that is used also plays a huge factor.

While ancient bongs (also known as a bhang) were usually made of wood or bamboo, today’s bongs are made of either glass, plastic, ceramic, or silicone. Each has their own unique benefits and will provide the user with an adequate session that is both enjoyable and consistent. Some bongs are incredibly large and unsuitable for portable usage, while others are quite small and can be used by many in a handheld orbit.


Glass Bongs

The most attractive type of bong, glass bongs are among the most aesthetically pleasing and elaborate. Because of this, they are also known for being the most expensive, and the most fragile. Glass bongs range from the small and convenient to the large and heavy. What makes glass bongs favored by many is the fact that they are translucent and can indicate everything from how much smoke is in the chamber to how dirty the bong is.

Some change colors while others are colored glass. Some are even so elaborate that they are not in fact see-through. Of all the different types of bongs out there, glass is the most popular. The drawbacks are obvious, being how glass is fragile and prone to easy breakage. This in turn can be quite expensive to replace, not to mention how some are one of a kind and are irreplaceable.

The good news is that they are very easy to clean since you can see through the glass and tell where the areas of concern are. The downstem and chamber will be the two main areas that will have to be cleaned the most. More elaborate setups that combine honeycomb or percolating features will be a bit more challenging to thoroughly clean.


Silicone Bongs

Silicone is truly the best option for many reasons. First off, silicone is notoriously durable and will last you a lifetime. Silicone will not crack or break and is much more forgiving to beginners and the inevitable accident. Silicone will not heat up the way glass will and is much more comfortable to use long-term.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see through a silicone bong to tell where it needs to be cleaned. Nonetheless, cleaning should still be relatively easy. Unlike glass, however, silicone can melt if a flame is applied directly to the silicone itself. Obviously, this would not be a problem for a glass piece.

Silicone is usually wrapped around bowls to mitigate heat and allow for one to pick up the bowl while it is still hot. Silicone bongs are also very colorful and just look neat all around. Because they are molded, silicone pieces are not unique in their structure, even though they may be original in their color scheme.

Other Types of Bongs

One of the coolest bongs out there is known as the The Bukket Pipe Waterless Gravity Bong. As the name suggests, it is a gravity bong that does not utilize water. Instead, this type of gravity bong uses a unique feature that resembles an accordion. By expanding the bong while it is being lit, air is sucked through the bowl and fills the massive chamber.

Other types of bongs on the market are suited for portability and convenience. Mini silicone bongs have become quite popular over the years, and one can also discover classic 12 and 14-inch water pipes that can hold ice to cool down a hit. Other novelty bongs are best suited for those who are looking to add to their collection.

The best bong will be the one that suits your needs the best. If you want something portable, a simple mini or teapot style bong will be your best bet. For those who want something bigger that will last and give huge hits, The Bukket Pipe or a 14-inch ice catcher bong will be suitable. No matter what type of bong you choose, always make sure you get something that fits your budget and will last you.

Choosing the Right Bong

Some people like a classic glass piece for its ability to show you the smoke as it travels, while others prefer something more practical and less expensive like a silicone piece. The right bong is the one you will end up using because it suits your style and particular needs. Because bongs come in so many varieties, choosing the right one can be daunting. In fact, it can be hard to know which one you really want.

Unlike vapes or other smoking units, bongs are very straightforward and static in what they can do. What sets them apart from other smoking devices is their water chamber and massive smoke tube. Glass bongs allow you to see how much of a hit you are getting, while silicone bongs are much more durable and easier to clean.

In fact, some silicone bongs can be taken apart and deep-cleaned, unlike a glass piece. Silicone remains the best option for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Their practicality and easy maintenance ensure the user will enjoy their bong for many years to come.

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