What Are Some Things to Look for When Buying a Bong?

Bongs are the most popular smoking devices on the market today. Surpassing bubblers and traditional smoking pipes, bongs offer the unique feature of being able to accommodate water, ice, and even dual chambers that can house both warm and cold water. Some bongs on the market use no water whatsoever, creating a truly unique style that is truly innovative. This article will look at what features make bongs unique and what you should look out for.

by: Anthony E. | 02/28/22 2:30PM


Shopping for the Perfect Bong

With so many different types of bongs on the market, picking and choosing the right one isn’t always an easy thing to do. Sometimes you are in the mood for something different, while other times you just want something quick and powerful to get the job done. Bongs are very straightforward. Most of them use water, and some even come with an ice catcher.

The fancier bongs might have dual chambers and elaborate piping systems, while some do not ever use water at all. Bongs such as The Bukket Pipe Waterless Gravity Bong are one example of a bong that uses no water. This is perfect for those who want a massive hit without all the preparation.

While most traditional bongs are made of glass and rather large and delicate, today’s market houses some of the most durable and truly innovative bongs the world has ever seen. No longer are users confined to choosing just glass or cheap plastic. Choosing the perfect bong is all about personal preference and what you will get the most out of.


Choosing the Right Material

Most traditional bongs are made of either glass or ceramic. This can be a rather bad investment for two major reasons. One is that glass and ceramic is incredibly delicate, even if it is tempered or double-blown. One small knock from a table or hit on the floor and it is game over. What makes it worse is that some of them are hand blown or feature unique, one-of-a-kind art that is irreplaceable.

The other downside is that custom glass also tends to be rather pricey. While they are functional, they are truly impractical for everyday use. Cheap plastic is also another eye-roller for many reasons. One is that plastic can also chip, crack, melt, and break over time. Plastic is terrible when it comes to heat-resistance, and plastic has been known to leach chemicals into the water.

Of all the materials out there, silicone happens to be the best type of material we can recommend. First off, silicone will never break on you. Silicone is excellent as dispersing heat and will never burn you, unlike glass or ceramic. The best feature is its price point. Silicone is durable, affordable, and efficient. We cannot recommend it enough!


Size Matters!

Don’t let the heading fool you. Despite what you may have heard, size does matter. When it comes to choosing the right type of bong, you will want to weigh out whether you will mainly use your bong at home or on the go. The truth is it is very inconvenient to have a bong full of water with the intent of making it a portable unit. Therefore, bubblers are the next best thing.

A waterless gravity bong might be your best bet for portability, though opting for a much smaller silicone bong like a mini bong would be better if you want to stay mobile while using an actual bong. If you intend to reserve your bong usage for at-home activities, then by all means, go big or go… home.

The truth is that any type of bong will do, so long as you are careful and choose something safe like silicone. This will take the weight off having to meticulously strive for maintaining an accident-free outing. Silicone is perfect for beginners and experienced pros alike. Another nice thing about silicone is that it just looks very cool!

Why Choosing the Right Vendor is Crucial

Let’s face it. Nobody really goes to head shops anymore when they can just sit back in their underwear and shop online in the convenience of their own home. You can shop in the middle of the night and take as long as you want comparing prices and models. This makes shopping at a brick-and-mortar location truly obsolete.

While there will always be a sense of joy that comes with walking into a head shop, nothing beats being able to do so on your own time, in your boxers or briefs, or in your birthday suit. The reality is that shopping online also cuts the cost to the consumer as overhead is drastically eliminated, effectively cutting off the added fees used to keep a brick-and-mortar location afloat. Care must be taken to choose the right type of online vendor, however.

The last thing you would want to do is get scammed out of your money or purchase an inferior product with little to no customer support. Even some high-quality brands and models sometimes come in with a factory malfunction. In this case, you will want to deal with a reputable business that always has your back, which is where NY Vape Shop comes in!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right type of bong does not have to be a complicated process. Shopping online means you can do so at your own pace without taking up somebody else’s time or having someone breath down your neck. Comparing models is more convenient as is being able to choose between certain brands.

For those interested in making an informed decision, exploring statistics about bong usage can provide valuable insights into the preferences and trends within the smoking community, aiding in the selection of a bong that aligns with individual preferences and enhances the overall smoking experience.

When choosing the right bong, you will want to take everything into consideration, from the price and model to its brand and its features. Always try to go for something durable like silicone, as this will drastically cut down on your costs in the long run. Silicone will last you forever, is easy to clean, and is affordable.

Glass is expensive, fragile, and not ideally portable. When choosing the right type of bong for your lifestyle, always consider how often you will be using your bong. Sometimes something small and simple will suffice as your everyday bong for years to come.

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