How To Smoke Dry Herbs from a Vape Cartridge

Vaping dry herbs from a vape cartridge is perhaps one of the most preferred and popular methods of consuming dry herbs over smoking. While vape cartridges are not meant to be smoked from, certain vapes on the market can utilize dry herb combustion to create smoke while still being capable of vaporization. This article will outline that type of vape and how to effectively switch between modalities.

by: Anthony E. | 03/04/22 2:30PM


Smoking and Vaping from the Same Unit

The benefits of vaping over smoking are numerous. Studies have shown that vaping is by far the most superior method of dry herb consumption and remains ever more popular than smoking. So why would anyone want to smoke when they can vape instead? Furthermore, why would you have a device that does both?

The reality is that smokers and vape users come from all walks of life. Smokers and former smokers looking to kick the habit can ease their way and transition into vaping by using a device that is capable of both combustion and convection vaporization. The AGO is just such a device capable of seamlessly switching between these two modalities.

By simply inserting a glass screen into the vape, it goes from being a combustion pen to a vape pen in seconds. While there is no cartridge to switch out, the chamber can house dry herb material and be used to either vape or smoke your dry herbs. This is especially useful if users have never vaped before and are looking for a way to start out on the vaping scene without investing too much up front.


Dry Herbs and Vape Cartridges

Because dry herbs can be vaped and/or smoked, vape cartridges can house dry herbs within the chamber to be used for vaping. While it is not inherently meant to be used for smoking, one can technically raise the temperature high enough to elicit combustion using a vape cartridge. The downside to this is that you risk damaging internal components over time as heat from combustion is significantly higher than most vape temperatures.

Cartridges are meant to encapsulate and thoroughly heat up your dry herb material and release aromatic compounds that accumulate to form vapor. The problem with heating up your unit to combust is that vape cartridges are not meant to accumulate smoke resins and other pollutants within their housing. Because most dry herb chambers are fixed, they cannot be removed to thoroughly clean out smoke residue.

If using a box mod that can switch between modalities, then the cartridge can be removed for cleaning. The problem here is that over time you will affect the taste of your material if using it for both smoking and vaping. Box mods are pricey and somewhat complex, making the risk of ruin not worth the effort to smoke dry herbs from.


Smoking from a Box Mod

Because box mods like the SteamCloud Box Mod are versatile vapes, it can be easily assumed that they can vape and utilize combustion for dry herbs. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, it must be said that if you have a high-quality vape that can switch between wax, dry herbs, and oil concentrates, then why would you want to smoke out of one?

Setting your variable voltage high enough to create smoke from your dry herbs can theoretically work, though in practice would likely become more trouble than it is worth since cleaning becomes more high maintenance. Unlike pipes, vape units are electronic devices that cannot be gunked up by too much residue or else risk having a unit that malfunctions.

Pipes can be cleaned by immersing in alcohol, while a vape cartridge may not be capable of liquid submersion. Box mods are powerful and efficient, though if you choose to smoke rather than vape your dry herbs from its cartridge, then be prepared to clean your unit more thoroughly and more often than it is worth.

Best Way to Use a Vape Cartridge

Since you can technically smoke using a vape cartridge, it might be worth considering if you do not mind risking the integrity of your device. External components can be heat tolerant to a certain extent, though might not withstand heat from a burning cherry for extended periods of time. Vapes are usually structured with safety features surrounding their heat settings, whereas burning material cannot be controlled in the same way.

The best way to utilize a vape cartridge is to use it the way it was meant to be used, for vaping only. Damage can occur to the cartridge and the vape itself if it is used to smoke out of. Because dry herb vapes usually have fixed heating chambers that cannot be taken apart, they are usually much harder to clean. If you have gunked up smoke residue and sticky junk resin in your heating chamber that cannot be cleaned out, then it is no good.

Over time this goop can seep into the heating unit itself or clog up smaller airways that cannot accommodate alcohol or other liquids for cleaning. The best way to use a vape cartridge then would be to use it strictly for dry herb vaping. This ensures you will not have gunk clogging up your unit over time.

Final Thoughts

The idea of being able to use your vape cartridge for smoking appeals to those looking to expand their sessions and accommodate other methods besides just vaping. While this is understandable, it is far from practical. The best unit would be the AGO for this type of method. While you can also replace cartridges once they become dirty, it is financially unsound in the long run.

There is no point in having to replace your cartridge every time it gets dirty, not to mention the risk you take with what could happen should resin seep into the internal components. Ash is another issue, since vape cartridges do not have filters. You will simply suck it up and potentially burn your mouth too.

The best advice for this? Just don’t do it. Stick to what works. No need to reinvent the wheel. There are better ways to try to be innovative and smoking dry herbs out of a cartridge is not one of them.

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