Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe Review

One hitter pipes come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and functionalities. What makes one hitter pipes so appealing is their stealthy nature and convenience of use. One hitter pipes can be carried and concealed in many different places by people who only want to take a hit and move on without being noticed. Many one hitters are very basic and straightforward. In this article we will be looking at one of the most versatile and convenient one hitter pipes to ever hit the market.

by: Anthony E. | 09/14/22 1:30PM


What is the Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe?

Many one hitters on the market are simple pipes with no real mechanism to clear out the bowl. For most, this poses a small issue that can be rather frustrating in certain situations. The purpose of having this type of smoking pipe is to be convenient. But clearing a one hitter after smoking it can be time consuming sometimes. If you do not want to deal with this annoying situation, you have found your solution. Meet the Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe, one of the few that has a spring-loaded mechanism to manually clear out the bowl.

With the simple push, you can clear out the contents of the bowl without worrying about ash particles stinking up your purse or pocket. A true upgrade for those looking for the convenience of a stealthy pipe with all the benefits of being semi-automatic in nature. With an option of 4 colors to choose from, the Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe is just barely over 3 inches in length and is made of metal. The finger grip makes this an ergonomic piece that is practical and easy to use.


How to Use the Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipes are very easy to use, with the Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe having the perk of unloading the bowl as well. It really is as simple as loading the bowl with some high-quality ganja and packing it down ever so slightly to ensure that it stays nice and compact inside the bowl without spilling out. Whenever you feel the need to take in the hit, simply go somewhere private for a moment and light up the contents of the bowl in one big hit. Once you are done taking your hit you can simply push down on the pipe to empty the ash.

Slipping it back in your pocket with nothing to worry about, nobody will ever know you did anything. The Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe is so small and convenient to use, making it a stealthy option for smoking. While some pipes on the market are great, none of them are made to be emptied after use, allowing for gunk and residual buildup to easily clog the small and narrow airway that one hitters are known for.


Maintaining Your One Hitter Pipe

Being as how most one-hitters are made to be short and straight, cleaning one out is relatively easy compared to more elaborate pipes. Being made of metal means you can easily soak it or use a Q-tip to clear out the airway of resin. Care must be taken to only use a high percentage of alcohol and not straight water. This is because water will rust the spring and cause it to lose elasticity and promote friction which will make it harder and harder to clear out the bowl in time. Using 91% isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip and cleaning the airway without touching the string is the best way to ensure this.

Because of how these types of pipes are designed, taking care of one in the long-term can be an easy lifetime investment. Metal lasts a very long time and is highly durable. Unlike other stealthy one hitter on the market that must be manually emptied and scraped out, the push and clear mechanism prevents your one hitter from having to be cleaned more often and makes for a very convenient piece to use and own.

Pros and Cons

Given the small stature of the pipe itself and the fact that it is made of metal makes for a rather notable con of concern, and that is the overuse of keeping the flame on the piece. Metal gets hot, and because this pipe is so short, it can burn your lips if you keep the flame on it. The pipe itself is made to take just one or two hits per pack. If you keep the flame on too long, the metal will heat up. By heeding this advice and taking in a slower hit after lighting up your bowl, you will ensure a smooth experience.

The best feature here other than the size and stealthy nature of this pipe is the fact that it can be emptied without having to scrape out the ash. The incredible price point of this pipe makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to just take a quick toke on the go without arousing suspicion. If you are looking for a clean way to go about emptying your one hitter without getting your hands and clothes dirty, this one is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

These smoking pipes are a popular clandestine method for taking a hit and are great for those that require privacy for their smoking endeavors. Other methods may be more suitable for those who don’t mind being conspicuous about their activities. Owning a one-hitter is a great way to travel and smoke on the go. If you plan on going out without all the extras, simply having this loaded and ready to go with a lighter will be all you need!

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