Silicone Gandalf Pipe vs Dragon Bubbler

Pipes and bubblers are among the most popular smoking pieces since they both offer the user simple and direct methods of consumption. The Gandalf Pipe is unique in its design and offers the user its own benefits. Bubblers are known for their ability to filter and cool down smoke with enlarged water chambers. In this article, we will be highlighting these two pieces and reviewing their attributes to give you a clearer picture of why you would want to own and use them.

by: Anthony E. | 12/14/22 2:30PM


The Silicone Gandalf Pipe

The Silicone Gandalf Pipe is made entirely of silicone and comes with a metal bowl that can be swapped out for a glass one if you prefer. The Silicone Gandalf Pipe is virtually indestructible and will last you a lifetime of usage. Located on the pipe is a carb hole that will allow for maximum airflow after a hit is taken.

Being as how the Gandalf Pipe has an elongated tube, this creates a cooling effect on the smoke as it travels throughout the piece before it hits your lungs, creating a much larger hit that is easier to take in. Different color options allow the user to have a customized piece that is sure to please for years to come.

Another great benefit to this piece is its price point, being highly affordable. The Gandalf Pipe is also very easy to clean as it is simply one piece that is slightly flexible. Unlike other wizard pipes on the market, this one is better in every way and will be your next go-to piece.


The Dragon Bubbler

The Dragon Bubbler is another fine piece made entirely of silicone. At just 6 inches tall, the Dragon Bubbler is completely portable and is a cool travel piece. The Dragon Bubbler also disassembles for easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing the user to have a cleaner piece much faster than other traditional bubblers.

This bubbler has an enlarged water chamber that is used to cool down and filter out the smoke from particulates and debris. The filtering gives you a cleaner and smoother hit. The attractive price point makes this a desirable and practical choice too. Due to its silicone nature, this bubbler can last you a lifetime! Different color options allow for a customized look and are ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand.

The Dragon Bubbler is an awesome bubbler on the market. It is cool and practical in terms of functionality. Bubblers in specific are prone to accidents and leakage from cracks and other mishaps. This is all but mitigated with a bubbler made entirely of silicone! Combine that with its affordability and you have one of the best bubblers on the market.

Pros and Cons of Each

Gandalf wizard pipes are good at cooling down smoke due to their elongated design, although they don’t utilize water or any other form of filtration. The Silicone Gandalf Pipe is thin and ideal for travel, compared to a bubbler which cannot be carried inside a pocket with water in the chamber.

The Dragon Bubbler is adept at cooling and filtration and is much cheaper than other bubblers on the market. Both pieces are affordably priced and will last you a lifetime, due to being made of high-quality food-grade silicone. No matter how many times you drop, knock, bang, or otherwise damage your piece, it will remain intact and will not need to be replaced.

The only exception to this is if you have a glass bowl piece that is inadvertently knocked over and breaks. It should be noted that the Silicone Gandalf Pipe encapsulates the bowl, providing more protection than if the bowl were to be sticking out like in a bubbler. In any case, both pieces have inherently valuable features that make them ideal choices.


Which Pipe is Better?

Neither piece is better than the other in terms of practicality, though when it comes to functionality, they both do different things. So the choosing between them is a matter of personal preference. While both smoking pipes are technically portable, the bubbler pipe cannot be taken safely inside a purse or bag while full of water. Obviously, it can spill out all over inside a bag or purse.

Water-less smoking pipes are better for travel since they require no water. Granted, both pieces are indestructible, unlike other pipes and bubblers on the market that are expensive and fragile. The only major difference other than their functionality is that the bubbler can be taken apart for much easier cleaning.

The Gandalf pipe is also easy to clean, though it cannot be taken apart. But, given the design, you can use cleaning rods and brushes to easily scrape away any residual debris and ash that can collect inside over time. Bubblers are notorious for getting exceptionally dirty, which is why disassembly for a thorough clean is paramount to maintaining the integrity of your piece long-term.

Final Thoughts

What could be more fitting than two pipes with similar themes? Wizards and dragons complement each other, as do these two pieces. In fact, you can have a Dragon Bubbler for home usage, and a Silicone Gandalf Pipe for travel and on the go use. Each of these maintains the mystical theme and can complement your style perfectly.

Both pieces are ergonomically shaped to accommodate different sizes of hands and are made to be comfortable every time you use them. Users can rest assured knowing they have high-quality pieces that will not break on them. With such an affordable price point, it is really a no brainer. You will find both to be your favorite go to pieces for years to come!

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