What Exactly are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts, or nic salts as they are often called, are isolated from the tobacco plant, and essentially freebased to create what is known as nicotine salt. While the name implies that it is a solid salt, it is a liquid. There are a host of chemical processes that take place to get nicotine salts into its final form that is suitable for vaping. Unlike cigarettes, the composition is much different and even feels different. This article will explain what you need to know about nic salts.

by: Anthony E. | 02/06/22 2:30PM


How Are Nic Salts Made?

To get a little technical here, we are going to attempt to detail just how nic salts are made. Tobacco companies back in the day added ammonia to their product which made cigarettes more addicting and essentially freebased the tobacco leaf. Adding benzoic acid to the mix has the opposite effect of ammonia and lowers the Ph, creating a much smoother hit.

Nic salts were first manufactured by JUUL back in 2015 as a patented new formula for use in their vape pens. These provided high levels of nicotine to the user while using very little in the way of power to produce the vapor, making them very popular. Other companies soon followed suit to emulate Juul and created closed pod systems and pen devices.

It should be noted that the nicotine derived from the tobacco plant has the composition of a salt but is then chemically altered to create a freebase product, much like cigarettes where ammonia is added to create a stronger product. It is safe to say that even though nicotine is addictive, nic salts are much better in terms of quality and strength.


Should I Use Nic Salts?

To start off, no one should start to use any type of tobacco product. In fact, nicotine salts are not for everyone as they are better suited for much smaller and lighter pod systems that deliver higher concentrations of nicotine without being harsher on the throat, like cigarettes. Those who have quit smoking but still want a good kick will find nic salts to be the answer.

Because of this, users will find that they need to vape less often since more nicotine is delivered with every hit. Unlike freebase nicotine levels, nic salts can be up to 10 times more potent! The downside here is that because nic salts are stronger, they also produce more side effects.

While you will not get that harsh burn in the back of your throat from smoking, you will likely get nauseous and even a headache if you vape too much nic salt vapor. The good news is that nic salts are no more harmful than traditional tobacco products, though they are just a bit more addictive since concentrated nicotine is delivered much faster to the brain.

Can Nic Salts Vape with Any Mod?

No, you will want to stick with lower powered devices such as Juul type batteries to properly vape nic salts. If you vape with a mod of higher power and temp, you will likely encounter a very unpleasant experience and could end up injured. This means no RDA or sub ohm tanks for nic salts.

While the delivery method would be superior, the concentration of nicotine contained in the nic salts would over stimulate your receptors and cause you to get sick. On top of this, you will also feel the harshness and heat kick in so bad that you would think you’re vaping burning wood. When it comes to vaping nic salts, a low powered device is ideal.

The truth is that even though nic salts contain a higher concentration than standard nicotine products they have been proven to be safer than smoking. Stick to vaping nic salts with a compatible device and consider how ideal it is to make the transition from smoking to vaping by switching to a device such as Juul.


Pros and Cons of Nic Salts

One of the best features of vaping nic salts is that they are remarkably smooth hits, unlike smoking, and are less harsh on your lungs and throat. There is a faster absorption in the bloodstream and mimics the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette, even though the feeling is less harsh.

This allows users to vape higher strengths without having to worry about harshness. Because of this, users are also less likely to use more e-liquid as it can be rather potent. The downside is that it can also become more addictive. There is also an increased chance of experiencing side effects and potentially overdosing on nicotine.

Nic salts are also typically more expensive to buy and are only compatible with certain devices, limiting their scope of usage. Another major downside is that because nic salts are not entirely popular, they are limited in terms of flavor profiles and what you can choose as a consumer. Their usage depends entirely on the preference of others, and sadly, there just aren’t enough flavors to choose from.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, nic salts come with their own caveats and considerations. It should also be noted that you can only pick up higher concentrations of nic salts outside of the EU. As an alternative to freebase nicotine, nic salts come in two basic forms: a flavorless base that can be added to your e-juice, and a PG/VG/Flavor variant that can come in your desired strength.

The best place to buy and shop for nic salts are through online vendors and shops. The most important factor to consider when choosing a nic salt is to know what strength you want. Doing this will cut out the guesswork and provide you with the most satisfaction after a session. Most users who come to nic salts do so because they are former smokers looking for a similar effect.

Conversely, those who still smoke will find nic salts to be a worthwhile investment over their smoking habit. In any case, nic salts are growing more and more popular over smoking and will eventually dominate the market the way other vaporizers have.

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