Why Box Mod Vapes Burn Out Vape Cartridges

Box mods are the most powerful types of vapes on the market. While vape batteries from a dry herb vape might be bigger and more powerful for example, they do not compare the capabilities of a box mod. Because of this, box mods will go through coils and cartridges much faster. This article will go into details and explain why.

by: Anthony E. | 02/12/22 2:30PM


Box Mods vs Other Vapes

Box mods are known for their power and ability to create some of the biggest, thickest clouds of vapor that can be produced from a vape. No other type of vape pen can compare to what a box mod can do. Unlike some vapes that only specialize in one modality, most box mods can switch between dry herbs, wax, and oil concentrates with ease.

While other vapes excel at any one of their given modalities, box mods are champions of all three. Variable voltage and wattage settings combined with the ability to tune and dial in the perfect temperature for your dry herbs is what makes these precision devices so coveted. They are notorious for being able to create those monster puffs and will last you throughout the day when properly charged and maintained.

Because they are used so often, they go through parts more quickly. This can mean having to replace the battery/atomizer, coils, and cartridges more frequently compared to other types of vapes. Even though the mAh in a box mod battery might be lower in some models compared to a dry herb vape, this is because box mods have more efficient means of heating your material. In other words, less is more.


Why Coils and Cartridges Burn Out

To understand the relationship between a cartridge and its battery, we first must look at how a cartridge can risk burning out. Most box mods utilize the universal 510 threaded battery which connects the atomizer/cartridge to the battery itself. E-juice atomizers use the skinny 510 thread which can still be accommodated by most high-quality box mods such as the SteamCloud Box Mod vape.

Once a battery and cartridge are ready to use, dialing in the wattage or voltage will be the next step to determine how you will end up vaping your material. If you go too high, you will likely risk burning out your coil first, then eventually the cartridge. In fact, you will likely notice a burnt taste to your e-juice upon going too high with your vape temperature.

This is the ideal time to step back and reconfigure your voltage settings. Because flavor will be the first thing to tell you if something is off, you will want to go ahead and take this as a sign to lower your temps. Your coils will be the next thing to go unless this issue is addressed. Once your cartridges burn out, you simply need to get them replaced.

How to Prevent a Cartridge from Burning Out

The first thing you want to do when dialing in your box mod is to go low and slow. This means not setting your vape immediately to the highest temperature you think will suffice, but instead going slow to work your way up to the desired heat setting. This will drastically reduce the likelihood you encounter a burnt taste to your material. Priming the coil in this way ensures that your cartridge will last longer.

Consistency is the key. As the voltage travels to the heating element, it heats the coil and begins to vaporize the material inside the atomizer. Therefore, you never want to start at a high setting with your box mod. Once you find that your coil has been burnt out, there is only one option but to replace the coil to mitigate the harshness and burnt flavor if the coil even works at all.

A faulty coil can eventually rip through your cartridge and render it unusable if enough material has been scorched on the inside of it. Certain cartridges cannot be salvaged and must simply be replaced. Aside from starting at a low temperature and working your way up, you will also want to make sure that you maintain the integrity of your box mod by keeping at a steady pace and turning off your unit immediately after a session.


Further Maintaining Your Vape Cartridge

If your temperature setting ends up being too high, you will get a burnt flavor every time. If your temperature happens to be too low, however, you will not be able to burn off the additives and you will end up with a subpar hit and experience. You will want to ensure that no matter how you have your heat settings, always have your battery in check.

Never overcharge your battery, and never build your own atomizer unless you know what you are doing. Putting too much power through the cartridge can end up with an exploded battery in your face or worse. Simply maintain your vape cartridge by keeping up with the battery life and keeping your vape temperatures reasonably low.

Once your vape cartridge has been damaged, it is not repairable. Do not attempt to tinker with the battery or salvage the contents within the cartridge, as this will likely not produce anything worth salvaging and can be a potential health hazard. Box mods are not cheap and risking the integrity of your entire unit and your health is not worth the expense of trying to fix a broken cartridge.

Final Thoughts

Box mod vape tanks and cartridges can give you those big Godzilla hits. The trick is knowing how to get there without burning out your coils and cartridge. Always remember to go low and slow to avoid any potential burnt flavors and to keep the integrity of your box mod cartridges in check.

If you decide to take the risk and vape at a higher setting for longer periods of time, be prepared to switch out your cartridges much sooner. Because box mods are stronger than other types of vape pens, more care must be taken. Box mods can serve you with years of great vape sessions and huge vapor clouds, so long as you know how to work and maintain them.

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