Why is my Disposable Vape Hitting by Itself?

Disposable vapes are unique in their ability to be used and discarded. They are built to be quite efficient and then thrown away once they have been used up. Disposable vapes have their own unique pros and cons. They are practical and highly affordable. With virtually no learning curve, users opt for disposable vapes due to sheer convenience. This article will outline why some disposable vapes might run into some trouble. Some of them turn on by themselves and there are many reasons for this.

by: Anthony E. | 03/22/23 1:30PM


Types of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vaporizers are generally straightforward and very easy to use. Users will buy a disposable vape and once used, throw it away for a replacement. The convenience of being able to vape without extra accessories is appealing. The only thing to replace is the vape itself once it has been used up.

Most disposable vapes can be activated by either pressing a button or drawing in your breath. This makes them very practical and convenient to use for most people. Obviously, the ones that are activated by taking a hit are the safest. Sometimes, if they come with buttons, they can be activated inside a purse or pocket.

Other issues that can potentially affect a disposable vape can stem from malfunctions. This can be due to mechanical failures or even the battery. While these are rare, they do occur on occasion. Smaller, more compact disposable vapes can be less prone to these issues. This is because smaller vapes take up less space amongst other items.


Disposable Vape Malfunctions

Most malfunctions that can occur in a disposable vape can be due to factory errors. Defective models can sometimes be the cause for a vape turning on by itself. Small glitches within the electronic frame board can cause the vape to activate. Faulty wiring can also be a cause for this. Most of the time, it is blatantly out of your hands.

This can cause the vape to turn on in your pocket and essentially waste your vape juice. Obviously, once it runs out, the vape will cease to activate. If the battery dies, the same thing occurs. Fortunately, these issues are rare and are not a cause for major concern. While malfunctions stemming from the factory are no fun, they are replaceable.

Most retailers will grant immediate refunds and replacements for faulty devices. Your best bet to avoid these issues is to acquire your vapes from reputable sources. While you cannot control the quality, you can control the source. Even good vapes can go bad from being mishandled. Always make sure your disposable vapes come with a receipt!


Inadvertent Presses

The most common issue for a disposable vaporizer turning on is due to user error. Sometimes we can add pressure to a vape’s button and turn it on inside a purse or pocket. Everything from wallets to keys, and even sitting on it can push down on the power button.

This is not an issue if your vape has no buttons and turns on through your breath inhalation. Sometimes, a combination of having a faulty vape with user error occurs. If you push down on the power button and it stays pushed down, there is a problem. It combines user error with a factory malfunction.

While this is not as common, most inadvertent button presses occur while the user is unaware of it. Naturally, we would prefer to only power our vapes when we are using them. There is usually no refund for user errors. In any case, stay vigilant and attentive to your disposable vapes. This is easy to avoid.

Other Issues

Sometimes, other issues may arise to cause your vape to malfunction. A faulty battery can cause this to happen if it bypasses the motherboard. Extreme temperature fluctuations can also spur these moments in a vape. Humidity can accumulate within a vape and cause problems, as can extreme cold or heat.

While incredibly rare, another common issue is when the vape takes damage. Any hits, falls, bumps, and bashes can damage internal components. This can cause the vape to malfunction and turn on by itself. It can also damage the power button and keep it down. While disposable vapes are high-quality, they are not made to last.

Internal hardware is prone to damage from impacts. Wires can cross, loosen, or otherwise tear off. Chips can crack, break, or get damaged and short circuit. Batteries can also take damage and affect the vape. Smaller vapes can also get lost easier inside a travel container. This can make it easier to be inadvertently powered on by other items.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why a disposable vape can turn on without being purposefully activated. The most common reason will be due to the user and how they store or travel with the vape. Damage to the vape itself can bring about various malfunctions.

If you want to lessen the chance of this happening, try pairing it with little to no other items. Inside a pocket, this is especially true. If you bump into something while traveling, this can damage the vape. Remember, they are not built to last, and so they are prone to damage much easier. Try keeping your vape buffered, isolated, and in a position to be used when intended.

If you have done all these and the vape still turns on by itself, then likely you have a bad vape. The issue can be hard to pinpoint, but luckily, you do not have to deal with it. Simply get a new vape to replace it. This is the simplicity and beauty of disposable vapes. Unlike vapes with limited warranties, disposable vapes can be replaced when something goes wrong. This is why they are so popular, practical, efficient, and affordable.

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